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The Answer – Raise A Little Hell

The Answer
Raise A Little Hell
by MarcusTheRocker at 09 March 2015, 12:06 AM

For a long time I’ve always known that Ireland has its own music scene as I have often seen posts from my friends on my social media who live there and travel frequently to music clubs to see local bands perform at various venues. As for myself, I probably have reviewed albums from Irish bands but when you’re a journalist, you review so many promos that you often lose track of where each one is from.

Anyway, onto today’s review and the band featured in this review are an Irish Rock quartet called THE ANSWER who will release their new album very soon called “Raise A Little Hell” and I have seen this band’s name pop up a few times and I probably did listen to their music a long time back but my memory is a bet chequered so I have a habit of forgetting things like this easily.

Formed in 2000 in Northern Ireland, this quintet of Irish Rockers released their first album in 2006 entitled “Rise” and in 2009, the second album “Everyday Demons” was unleashed and six years later, the third album is ready to be released onto the world. THE ANSWER are also well known for their live shows and they spent two years touring with a big name in Rock N’ Roll and that name is AC/DC which let’s face it is a remarkable achievement for any band to tour with a big name like that. So does their new album “Raise A Little Hell” does what it says on the tin or is it the opposite? Let us find out shall we?

From the moment this album opens up, we’re given a taster of what Ireland has to offer in the Rock genre with “Long Live the Renegades” which would be perfect for a live show as it’s full of great energy and catchy melodies. The next tracks that follow after that are very diverse in their sound as you have heavy hitters such as “Aristocrat” and the title track “Raise A Little Hell” which both feature some harmonica in the mix which is a nice touch, you have some that have a Classic Rock vibe to them such as “The Other Side” and “Cigarettes & Regret” and some slower tunes which are still enjoyable to listen to such as “Gone Too Long” and “Strange Kinda’ Nothing”

Production wise, everything sounds pretty clear to me and the sound is just right for an album of this type and you can make out a lot of the details that make up this record including the heavy guitars and drums, the deep groovy bass lines and the vocal performance which for the most part is energetic and punchy and the singer clearly knows how to adjust his voice to match each song by sounding heavy one minute for a heavy song and sounding soft the next for a slower tune which is a trick a lot of singers are learning to use these days with a vast majority of them being able to pull it off perfectly

Bottom line, “Raise A Little Hell” by THE ANSWER does indeed says what it does on the tin as there is plenty to like about this record and even if there are any problems or issues with it, you’ll soon forget about them as you’ll be too busy enjoying the music which is never a bad thing of course and I look forward to reviewing more promos from the Irish Rock music scene.

4 Star Rating

1. Long Live the Renegades
2. The Other Side
3. Aristocrat
4. Cigarettes & Regret
5. Last Days of Summer
6. Strange Kinda’ Nothing
7. I Am What I Am
8. Whiplash
9. Gone Too Long
10. Red
11. I Am Cured
12. Raise A Little Hell
Cormac Neeson – Vocals
Paul Mahon – Guitar
Micky Waters – Bass
James Heatley – Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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