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The Arcane Order - Cult Of None

The Arcane Order
Cult Of None
by Val Smirnoff at 19 December 2015, 10:23 AM

When it comes to reviewing, I tend to come across a lot more dire negatives than anywhere close to something I can consider perfect; what more can you say if the album is just flawless? The “Cult Of None” by THE ARCANE ORDER, delivered by a splendid team from Denmark, under Massacre Records. The general sound for this album in superb, recorded at Jacob Hansen's studio whom made this album a real treat for the ear; every tune at its place, crystal clear and balanced. From this point I could say that “Cult Of None” is near-perfect but it has its downsides.

I would like to break this album track by track just to show you that we are dealing here with some high quality music. It opens with a 9 minute track, “Revive”, a sign that this may not be the most accessible of Death Metal albums, starting with slow and rusty guitar and drums with a Dark/Doom-like vibe and slowly building up, giving you the chills of illusion. Suddenly it crushes up with extreme paced drums bringing the true nature of the album to the light.

“Exo Reign” is the twin, hyperactive brother of “Revive”, super-fast and energetic also having its melodic side and heavy breaking parts; awesome song, and one of the better recordings on the album. “Ahab,” the third, opens with a faster guitar riff might confuse you by giving the feeling that it might sound just like previous song. Although the fast parts are dominant in this song it's much slower and heavier from the first and the second.

“Void Maker” gets slower and even heavier; you won't get a speedy track here, no mosh pits here, just a pure neck pain. This song could end perfectly among the beautiful solo part at 4:44, but it seems like THE ARCANE ORDER team have no patience for mid pace songs at all, quickly it catches up with a fast and groovy part to give the opportunity to crash some bones.

I'll skip to the 6th: “Faith Eater” commences with a clean guitar intro that might, for a second, imply a ballad. Do not get deluded by this sweet melody, there are no ballads or quiet songs in this album; only for a moment, just to catch some breath! The rest of the album is not something that I feel like it needs to spliced and dissected, due its similar character, but indeed there are some more awesome tracks to check out.

To conclude my thoughts about “Cult of None”, I have to admit that this album has its flaws. It comes across to me as homogenous, verging on monotonous, though it is just the same an expertly crafted and cut, Death Metal diamond, and I, personally, am having issues with determining how inspired this album actually is. I must make it clear that I’m not here to mock the band, but to clarify the fact that I believe that individuality and identity between the tracks is something I lamented. Individually and separately, the songs are perfect and delightful, but listened together, may end up sounding identical.

From my first hearing I was amazed by the sound and the clear compositions, at this point I rushed to give them the highest score. Although by patiently hearing it for the third and the fourth time, I got aurally exhausted and found it hard to connect with the album, in part due to the longer tracks feeling somewhat, unnecessarily, drawn-out.

And still, “Cult of None” has everything Death Metal fans will ask for: speedy paces, blasting drums, melody, heavy and crushing riffs, and rusty shouting vocals calling you for a battle! For the new members of the Death Metal I would highly recommend this album, you will enjoy it! But for the veterans much less, in short, you may find yourself bored, unless you could give it a try and discover something I may have missed.

4 Star Rating

1. Reviver
2. Exo Reign
3. Ahab
4. Void Maker
5. Waves Of Trance
6. Faith Eater
7. Hesperian
8. Sun Grave
Kasper Thomsen - Vocals
Flemming C. Lund - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Kasper Kirkegaard - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Morten Løwe Sørensen - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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