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The Atmosfear – The World Is Grey

The Atmosfear
The World Is Grey
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 January 2012, 8:27 PM

It took the German THE ATMOSFEAR almost five years to come up with a new album, under the name of “The World Is Grey”, as they assaulted with modernized Death Metal melded with slices of nippy angry Thrash. Recently, the band decided to re-release the album with the aid of their new PR Company, Metal Promotions. After I went through the info I acquired about this group, I must imply that I don’t exactly see eye to eye with what was written though it is a matter of personal insight.

“The World Is Grey” introduces the new reality of Death Metal, with almost no lead section plays, reorganized modern production, diverse vocal patterns, plenty of groovy parts and sadly, lack of melodies. Not that the pure old school Death Metal maintained melodies but it had other ways on keeping the interest and addiction to its brutal nature going. In the case of “The World Is Grey”, I enjoyed only a few moments where more than a few of the tracks began to sky rocket only to succumb to tediousness unhappy ending. When it comes to their lyrical temperament, it is quite apparent that these guys have a load of annoyance, uneasiness and disillusionment swarming in their minds. However, if only more than a fraction of the release was as good as the lyrics, this album could have been an amazing winning yarn.

THE ATMOSFEAR wrote material that carried some good ideas in order to intensify the flavour of their extremity. Sustaining their Death Metal with elements of modern Thrash delivered a number of nice riffs and fine attempts to be creative and original unlike many bands of the same. Truth be told, these efforts paid out only with two tracks as “The World Is Grey” and “Brutality Of Life”. Despite the fact that these two also had sections that were monotonous, I was still impressed by the progress that THE ATMOSFEAR made. On the other hand, scrawny tracks like “Deathinfection” and “Isolation” were the opposite. The former presented Olle, the lead vocalist, as an annoying high pitched growler while the latter has its share of banalities and repeating sets of riffs.

Even though this album didn’t come to be as expected from a band that has been trying to rush their efforts towards the open mouth of multiplicity, THE ATMOSFEAR laid the bricks to a foundation where they can construct a powerful groundwork of progressive extreme music that could run smoothly alongside the straightforwardness of the past. 

3 Star Rating

1. Tristesse de la Morte
2. Piece of Planet
3. Deathinfection
4. The World Is Grey
5. Corruption
6. Brutality of Life
7. On the Way to…
8. Isolation
9. Sodomized
10. Brutal World
Sascha Mordtmann– Guitars
Frank Schumacher– Drums
Lars Henkel– Bass
Oliver “Olle” Holzschneider– Vocals
Andy Wendlandt- Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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