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The Atrophic - Coagulating Mirth

The Atrophic
Coagulating Mirth
by "Metal Mark at 28 July 2022, 5:52 AM

In the late years of the 80’s, some bands started the Second Wave of Death Metal, with an ample range of new models of how playing the genre. Melodic Death Metal arose as the popularity of the Second Wave bands started to lose strength, and models and models of playing such subgenre appeared. Today, even after almost 30 years, things seems to not change into Melodic Death Metal limits (as it could have some limits that aren’t the musicians creativity), and even showing that things would be great in the future, “Coagulating Mirth”, the first EP of the North American duet THE ATROPHIC, is really a tasteful surprise.

After two Singles, this EP had the work of Hannes Grossmann in the production, mixing and mastering, earning the band a powerful and solid sonority that combines the rough aggressiveness of the genre (yes, it’s truly brutal), but with a whole aesthetics that allows the songs to be understood easily, without demanding great efforts. Yes, it’s really very good. Musically, the band presents a musical work based on a form of Melodic Death Metal that was usual during the early days of the genre, so it’s really something brutal and aggressive (take a bit on “Vessels for the Oligarchs” to have an idea of what these words mean), and adorned with charming melodies, especially on the guitar solos and arrangements. And the vocals stay away from the usual grunts, in a set of tunes into a snarling and screechy trend similar to that used by Pete Helmkamp on his days on ANGELCORPSE. And their approach, even in this way, is different, full of energy and great.

“Coagulating Mirth” open the EP in a Death/Thrash trend with melodic ornaments, with a good balance between rhythmic shifts (and what great technical work on the drums, indeed), and the same is heard again on “Misery’s Grip”, but with a clearer set of melodies (especially on the catching guitars, even on the oppressive parts). The band increases the brutality and technical approach on “Vessels for the Oligarchs”, becoming nearer of classic Death Metal, with melodies arising only in the guitar solos (and it allows the vocals to show a very good work, with bass guitar pulsing on the rhythms and giving a heavy weight support to the song). And “Horrid Mortal Tendrils” shows a classic Melodic Death Metal appeal inherited from Swedish and Finnish Schools, but bearing a brutal set of melodic hooks. And the sensation given after hearing to this EP is that, even with the need of maturing a bit more, these guys are up to something great!

THE ATROPHIC is really a very good surprise, so give yourself a chance and taste “Coagulation Mirth” on their Bandcamp profile: Coagulating Mirth | The Atrophic

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Coagulating Mirth
2. Misery’s Grip
3. Vessels for the Oligarchs
4. Horrid Mortal Tendrils
Sean Irizarry - Vocals
Kyle Kuffermann - Guitars, Bass
Robin Stone - Drums (session)
Record Label: Independent


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