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The Banishment - Machine and Bone Award winner

The Banishment
Machine and Bone
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 May 2023, 3:54 AM

A musician is always trying himself/herself for new goals and achievements. And some of them are always surprising the fans with different works that are really hard for them to deal with sometimes. But there are those that are courageous enough to try anything they have in their heads, so the best is to face with an open mind. This is what “Machine and Bone”, the first album of the trio THE BANISHMENT offers to the fans. The name of George Lynch, the 6 strings legend on acts as DOKKEN and LYNCH MOB, can give the fans a wrong idea, because this band isn’t a Hard Rock or Glam Metal act. No, the main genre can be described as a form of melodic Industrial Rock (the name of Joe Haze could attribute such aspect to the album).

Full of experimentation, but of course some Hard Rock moments can be found on the album (as heard on the guitar riffs and solos of “Max Pain”). It’s experimental, hypnotic and modern, but yet melodic and charming, even for those that can’t stand Industrial Rock. And it’s really great to experience such form of music. The production tries to combine the modern and chaotic outfit of Industrial Rock with the organic weight of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and things work in a great way, because the hearers will not have a hard time trying to understand what’s being expressed on the songs. And as guests, here you have Tommy Victor (guitarist/vocalist for the legendary trio PRONG) on the vocals on “Right” and “Terror”, Richard Patrick (of FILTER) on the vocals on “Max Pain”, and Jason Charles Miller on “The Dread”.

“Machine and Bone” works homogeneously, with excellent moments where the fans can find something different from the usual, being the highlights “Reaction” (this Industrial Rock is almost a Hard Rock moment due its excellent riffs and solos, and what great chorus), “Right” (the Industrial Rock outfit based on effects and keyboards is filled by the excellent vocals and some guitar arrangements), “Lost Horizon” (some Bluesy arrangements on the guitars can be detected, but what chaotic and seductive melodic lines), “The Dread” (this can be said as the most accessible song of the album, because it’s on a New Metal tendency, something more organic), “Terra Nullius” (it’s heavy and bitter, chaotic and filled with fine vocals and screams), “Terror” (this is a bit more experimental on its effects, some Rap Metal touches and with a bitter and oppressive ambience) and “Machine and Bone”. But time isn’t enough to decipher the beauties of the album and to have a deeper understanding of what it stands for.

For now, “Machine and Bone” is really a very good release, and let’s hope that THE BANISHMENT won’t stop with this album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Reaction
2. Max Pain
3. Right
4. Lost Horizon
5. The Dread
6. Reunion
7. Terra Nullius
8. Got What You Wanted
9. Terror
10. Machine and Bone
Devix Szell - Vocals
George Lynch - Guitars
Joe Haze - Programming, Synths
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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