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The Bastard Sons – Smoke

The Bastard Sons
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 19 September 2015, 8:58 AM

THE BASTARD SONS is a Rock and Roll/Metal/Blues/Groove band based out of York, United Kingdom. This is the band’s third album, and contains twelve tracks.

Out of the gates with “The Bastard” you hear the straightforward energy of their sound as it hits you full on and with no pretense. Though there is definitely a Blues and Groove vibe to the sound, the use of augmenting harsh vocals for me tip it over the fence towards the Metal side of the genre, instead of the Rock and Roll side. I will highlight some other tracks on the album as well. “Sobre La Muer…” if the first track with a change in pace from the scorchers that came before. I guess you might call this the “power ballad” on the album. It is slower, more methodical and with acoustics and vocal harmonies that fuel its direction. “I’m Only a Call Away” has a SABBATH vibe for me with the main riff, but a more modern day version with the addition of a secondary riff and some harsh vocals.

A bit of a contrast to many of the songs on the album is the track entitled “Listen Here.” The opening riff is big, wide and the guitars in general have a lot of presence. There is a lot of good melody here as well to go along with the punch in the chorus. I really enjoyed this track in particular. . “Scene(ic) Root(s)” is heavy on the harsh vocals from the get-go, really bringing out some of the harder and deeper elements of their music, especially when he extends the screams for a few more bars. “Stay True” is the song that features Davey Richmond from a band called GLAMOUR OF THE KILL. This is the band’s “Freebird.” It has a desolate feeling in the instrumentation and the way the vocals are done, even know the lyrical message is positive. Closing the album is the song “Exist-Distance.” This is a strong culminating track, combining most of all of earlier elements into a song that borders perhaps on something you might hear on the lighter side of the Melodic Death Metal genre.

What the tracks have in common is a raucous energy and no frills guitar riffs that speak more to your primal side rather than your intellectual side. This isn’t to say that the musicianship suffers at all, just that this is music to be enjoyed rather than over-thought. I have to admit to liking this more than I thought I would from their genre description

4 Star Rating

1. The Bastard
2. Release the Hounds
3. A Lie is a Lie
4. Sobre La Muer…
5. Bottom of the Ladder
6. I’m Only a Call Away
7. U.S Against Them
8. Listen Here
9. Cardboard Walls
10. Scene(ic) Root(s)
11. Stay True
12. Exist-Distance
JJ – Vocals
Ollie – Guitar
Alex – Guitar
Nathan – Bass
Rich – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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