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The Black Sorcery - Wolven Degrade

The Black Sorcery
Wolven Degrade
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 April 2019, 6:35 AM

From the Facebook page, THE BLACK SORCERY is a savage, despotic wall of Bestial Death/Black Hellfire crafted from the frozen tundras of Canada. Frost Veined and furious. “Wolven Degrade” is the band’s sophomore album, and contains ten tracks. “War Fangs” is a brief, mood-setting opening instrumental, complete with what sounds like bombs going off, a wolf cry, and some eerie keys.

“Intolerance Enthrone” is the first track with vocals. It opens with horrible production…everything sounds like it’s muffled. I would label this as loosely organized chaos. The vocals are just guttural…they produce noise but absolutely no discernible words whatsoever, while the guitars and drums just rage unchecked. “Putrescent Infected” is more of the same. The sound is so dense that you cannot break through it to find a pattern. There is an occasional scream to go along with the grunts, and it’s clear what their musical mission is. “The Crone” opens with a long scream followed by more grunts, and they trade off through the song. Vocally it reminds me of the “cricket” vocals done by CEMEMERY RAPIST.

“Body Coffin Betrayal” is the first track with a discernible riff, though it is swallowed quickly by the chaotic vocals and other instruments, creating a thick fog of haze that you cannot find your way out of. “Wolven Degrade” is the title track. Slow at first, it picks up pretty quickly into a maddening track. The album cover depicts a large and menacing wolf, taking a naked girl doggie-style, seemingly against her wishes. “Sawed Strings and the fall of a Marionette” hears some percussion trickery. I gotta give it to the drummer, as they are often the better musicians in bands like this, and he hits it with everything he’s got. “Angry Spit of the Witch’s Piss” is almost identical to the previous track. In fact, if I played them side by side I don’t think that you could tell the difference.

“Worse Still the Fog of Man Settles” opens with big guitar strikes and some vocal moans and wails. The song has a vague structure, but the Death and Black metal vocals are really all that you can make out, along with steady riff picking and blast beat drumming. This one’s got a guitar solo as well, but it’s just a series of fast picking without following any musical direction. “Revelations of Dark Succumbing” closes the album. Feedback at first leads to heavy guitar chords and then the vocals come in, trading over top one another while the music rages in the background.

I would call this Death Metal over anything, though the Black Metal vocals and wall of sound are noteworthy enough. Each song sounds exactly as the last, and there is very little variation whatsoever, nor anything that resembles melody at all. I’m not sure to whom this might appeal. Death Metal fans who are of the purist form, and don’t want any melody, but just punishing brutality and vocals that you cannot understand? It’s hard to believe they found a label to sign them; there are a ton of more talented band out there without one.

Songwriting: 2
Originality: 4
Memorability: 2
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. War Fangs
2. Intolerance Enthrone
3. Putrescent Infected
4. The Crone
5. Body Coffin Betrayal
6. Wolven Degrade
7. Sawed Strings and the fall of a Marionette
8. Angry Spit of the Witch’s Piss
9. Worse Still the Fog of Man Settles
10. Revelations of Dark Succumbing 
Record Label: Krucyator Productions


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