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The Black Thunder - Into the Darkness We All Fall

The Black Thunder
Into The Darkness We All Fall
by Kevin Lewis at 26 July 2021, 8:53 AM

THE BLACK THUNDER is a Polish Heavy Metal band formed in 2009. Incorporating elements of Doom, Death and Melodic Metal, "Into The Darkness We All Fall" is their second full-length album, released via Defense Records on June 30, 2021.

The album begins with “Everybody Lies,” a sludgy, oozing tune that creeps along, giving some nice feelings of dread. The slow pace and tuned down guitars drag the song along until the chorus. There, we get a nice pick up in speed, but the tuning remains the same. The shift at the midpoint is a nice piece of work. There is also a quick pause later that adds another interesting facet to the song. This is well-written and performed.

Self Destruction” and “We Are The Evil Masters” are both good songs that feel dark and foreboding. The guitar work is consistent and on tempo. The rhythms are fairly basic, but fit the song well. It would sound out of sync if the drums and bass were running wild. They carry the tunes well and match the feel as well as the beat.

There is an ethereal, short instrumental on this record called “Everlasting Search For Inner Peace.” This is the only song with a positive title, but the feel is still gloomy. With the echoing guitar notes, the song is haunting and dark. It feels right to be on this record, it belongs. Maybe this song is meant to remind us that inner peace does not always mean happiness. Sometimes it just means no conflict with the outside world.

One of the catchier tunes on the record, for me, is “After The Downfall – Rise!” The pace of the song is a little faster right from the beginning. I like how the guitars do a step-down pattern for the main riff. The song is a little more chaotic and frantic, giving it a heavier feel than some of the other doomy songs before it. Again, the tone of the song fits in well with all the songs around it. It has a slightly more anthemic feel to it than the rest of the record.

The record wraps with “Flowers On My Grave.” This is the melodic side of the band. The song doesn’t feel as dark or morbid at the start, despite it being post-death. The composition is lighter, less gloomy. It’s an interesting take on a dark subject. The heavy in the middle is stunning. The shift is excellent. The entire tone of the song goes brutal. This is my favorite all around song on the record. It shows a musical maturity that some bands never achieve.

THE BLACK THIUNDER is good. They are heavy and moody, dark, angry; yet oddly introspective and thoughtful. I enjoyed listening to this album, especially after a few good play-throughs. Some records take a few listens to really hook, and this is one of them. It is not my normal genre, but it is good. Good enough to make me a believer. I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Everybody Lies
2. Self Destruction
3. We Are the Evil Masters
4. Pain Inside My Head
5. We Are All Born of Nothingness
6. Everlasting Search for Inner Peace
7. The Sun Is Falling Down
8. After A Downfall - Rise!
9. Flowers on My Grave
Szczepan – Bass/Vocals
Dyx – Drums
Bam – Guitar
Kiełpa – Guitar
Record Label: Defense Records


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Edited 14 August 2022

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