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The Body Politic - Egressor

The Body Politic
by Isha Shah at 06 October 2014, 8:31 PM

What happened to old school Metal? It hasn’t completely died yet, however with a few modern twists and revamped melodies, Metal is still alive and kicking, proven by Nanaimo’s own, THE BODY POLITIC. From releasing a full length album in 2011, THE BODY POLITIC have taken a shorter step with their progressive Metal sound to an EP: "Egressor", discharged on September 16th. The American six some have collectively grown together in the past three years, to create a mature Metalcore EP that graciously caters to a wider audience.

Instantly grasping our ears, with a psychedelic piano stoke, introduces "Vitam Agere" a clear modern Metal sound. Much like an interlude, which is common among new EP’s this song plays a vital part, by tricking you with its calming breath before stabbing you right in the back with the sharp strains of the heavy drums and djenty guitar riffs.

Wasting no time at all "Armature" delvers right in, with chaos scream that Sam Britton lets out before you can even move. In true Metal style, the band are now neck deep in showing off their mastered explosion, constantly altered by the switch in harsh vocals, along the sweet choruses of clean vocals. An art which is commonly found within the genre yet tricky to master, yet THE BODY POLITIC slay their way into hitting the nail on the donkey with this talent.

Exploring their power further, "All Hands" adds a techno-core vibe which compliments the neoteric style which is constantly evolving. Coming from an unsigned band, The Body Politic have shown outstanding abilities that many signed acts fail to reach, due to their mainstream demand. This is certainly not the case for this band, as they have constantly produced teeth gripping music.

Breaking borders and raging against rules, is exactly what this band is about, so if you’re all about that non conforming mixed genre sound then The Body Politic are defiantly a band worth checking out as proven by the  "Egressor" EP to be mind boggling wild, it’s almost hard to believe that this small band from Nanaimo are so under the covers.

Building up to a grand finale, "Irradiate" gives off a nostalgic classic Metal intro, constructing each element as they join together before Britton makes his appearance. Still keeping the djenty riff in the background, the layers which sit on top build up to change this song completely with an Architects sounding dip. Keeping all their secrets locked up for this one final song, all the magic is exposed as the rhythm regular changes in tempo to create a roller coaster journey, for all to let out a final headbang in true Metal style.

3 Star Rating

1. Vitam Agere
2. Armature
3. All Hands
4. Swing For The Fences
5. Colqhoun
6. Irradiate
Sam Britton - Vocals
Matt Aasen - Guitar
Dan Montgomery - Guitar
Rob Wilkinson - Keys
Jesse Janzen - Bass
Spencer Bowman - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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