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The Brotherhood of Sonic Love - The Brotherhood of Sonic Love

The Brotherhood of Sonic Love
The Brotherhood of Sonic Love
by VR at 04 February 2018, 1:01 PM

From Copenhagen, Denmark, comes this experimental fuzz-driven band curiously called THE BROTHERHOOD OF SONIC LOVE. As I had never heard of this band, I had to do some serious digging about them but they seem to have no apparent line-up. According to their Facebook page, they are “THE BROTHERHOOD OF SONIC LOVE are a son, his father, fuzz and friends…” The band released their debut effort, their self-titled EP, in 2016 before Cargo Records stepped into the distribution of the records and have released the EP in 2017.  The band was formed in 2016 and they performed a few gigs before making a beeline to the studio to record their EP. The band consists of members who are “a lively bunch of both young and very experienced people from the Garage Rock, Psych and Noise scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. From time to time, the line-up extends, so many people want to be part of this laid-back and very intense musical brotherhood.”

The EP runs just a tad under the 15-minute mark and the first song is “Down in Style” is a 2-minute track that starts off with a catchy melody. The track reminds me of the early Seattle sound and reminiscent of the kind of music that the SMASHING PUMPKINS bestowed on the world. “I Wanna Touch Your Soul” is the second track and it is grittier than the first.  The track continues in the similar vein as the first track albeit just a bit more of Rock n Roll. “Load and Explode” starts off with distorted guitar and the drum and has a Psychedelic Rock feel to it. “The Wrong Side of the Track” is the last track of the record and starts of sedately before the drums kick in and bolster the melody.

While the name of the band may raise some eyebrows, it probably describes their approach to their craft rather aptly. The sound they prefer in this album has a generous use of fuzzy guitars backed by simple melodies. The foundations of the tracks are a simple distorted riff and a drum beat that accentuates the simplicity of the notes. The band is far from being a mainstream force, and by remaining so indie-ish, they probably have absolute control of their product. This is an album worth giving a listen to and I look forward to their further experiments in this genre. With seemingly Punk, Grunge and Garage influences, the band paints a dirty, noisy tapestry of delectable Rock music.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Down in Style
2. I Wanna Touch Your Soul
3. Load and Explode
4. Wrong Side of the Track
Line-Up Not Available
Record Label: Independent


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