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The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths and Legends

The Brothers Keg
Folklore, Myths and Legends
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 31 July 2020, 4:41 AM

THE BROTHERS KEG is a Heavy Doom Metal band from London, England. This is their debut album and will be released in September of this year. Unearthing stories of legends about themselves but by the perspective of bards. Bards all over the land are telling stories about the legendary Brothers Keg and their exploits. It’s a journey to say the least.

I was kind of surprised that the album didn’t start with ‘’Introducing the Brothers Keg’’ which would have been logical. There isn’t nor rhyme nor reason to the album though and you don’t necessarily need a proper order to follow the immortal tales of the band. You can say that the songs are a bit interchangeable and it does not effect the quality of the album. Everything is loud and proud, psychedelic tones here and there really set the mood of the album on the outset.

You got to love that album cover, it’s so awesome! It looks like a mutant-like Skeletor looming over our hero that looks like a cross of the Terminator, Conan the Barbarian and a Mongolian Warrior. It’s pretty far out and really fits well with the genre itself. My humble major props to A. Zirritt that did a masterful job with the cover art, one of the best covers of the year barnone.

It’s highly atmospheric yet you have some really heavy riffage all the way through. As for the Psychedelic approach, they reminded me a lot of HAWKWIND and a bit of Stoner-Blues Rock of defunct GYPSYHAWK. You can have some very spacerock vibes on some songs and sometimes it’s a more playful experience. They really dialed down the intensity and the ambitious soundscapes for the sake of fleshing out a new timbre and lick of paint to the by now well-trodden ground of the genre template. The result is a very unified work that nevertheless has many surprises to reveal. You have the prototypical minimal yet rhythmically charged Heavy Rock yet with a marked experimental edge to it. You have some pretty spacey passages and the transitions in each song have a purpose but can be a little shaky at times. You have some engaging moments and brooding atmospheric work that brings comparisons to a band like UFOMAMMUT, it’s sometimes abrasive, sometimes completely out there but it feel fresh. A new band with a new approach that solidifies the component of brilliance that the band displays. The song arrangements are maybe clunky at times and the music may not be as refined as many of the bands of the genre but they really developed a nice mix and the sky is the limit for the near future, that’s an understatement.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Moorsmen
2. From the Records of Arthur Shnee
3. No Earthly Form
4. The Ice Melteth
5. Introducing the Brothers Keg
6. Brahman
7. The Army of the Thirsty Blade Approaches
8. Castle Keg
9. Epilogue
Tom Hobson – Guitars, Vocals and Synthesizers
Paul Rosser – Bass
Tom Fyfe – Drums and Percussion
Record Label: APF Records


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