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The Bullhounds - To Rock And To Serve

The Bullhounds
To Rock And To Serve
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 27 August 2016, 6:21 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm here to give you an insight; this time, hailing from the United States of America…on THE BULLHOUNDS on their new album entitled “To Rock And To Serve” performing Hard Rock/Metal…signed via Mighty Music.

THE BULLHOUNDS are a heavy Rock band; simple as that, and they want to Rock! My experience with Rock is limited but I've seen small quintets such as this live before…on the odd occasion, strolling about on a piss-up! And they usually provide an enjoyable night where the crowds go crazy. Though for the average Metal fan, one may have the image that says “been there, done that.” Mentality, which is no surprise for those wanting the all-round extreme thumper. With the assumption that this here quartet is just another Rock band…you'd be right… But they have a message to say, and that is to Rock! They may seem like granddad Rock; but music is for everyone and should be respected by the young and the old. “To Rock And To Serve” is exactly what it says on the tin, with a sound production that has no distortion and some nice equalities…you can rest assured that your being will be rocked!

Not only that…we have an interesting lineup; consisting of members from respectable acts such as Sheryl Crow; THE GEORGIA SATELLITES, and Izzy Stradin… who says Rock is dead? Only a fool would say such a thing. The following members all come from various artists who formerly provide for those; Peter Shroud (Sheryl Crow) on guitars, unleash some typical but rocking licks that scream out FUN which is the key word for this band. Mauro Magellan (THE GEORGIA SATELLITES) on drums have a similar effect; more guitar work from Rick Richards, and featuring a powerhouse from Keith Christopher (THE GEORGIA SATELLITES) on bass and finally – Erling Daell on vocals, who all adequately infuse a great sound that while feels cheesy…but exhibited within is a class of talent that showcases an enjoyable record for all Rock/Metal fans alike. Manifested with intentions to simply have a good time; kicking arse in the meantime!

With 12 catchy songs; you're evidently getting your monies worth. Songs like “Ain't Easy Being Cool”, “Inside My Head” and “Everybody For Themselves” capture the dramatic side of the band which can put the listener off; the instrumentation sounds pretty stellar though, fusing the rhythmic integrity make these songs enjoyably listenable. With a nice fast-paced tone make this a headbanging tribute of succession! “Peace Of Mind” is a good song that diminishes the negative lyricist, which…while I'm at it, has a little off-putting cord at times where the high notes should be more…higher, minor complaint though. Vocals tend to get better in the long-run otherwise. “Call Me The Victim”, “Baby, I Just Might”, “Jack & No Spare” carry on the dramatics but equally sound fruitful, although the lyrics “it's hard” over and over again got a bit cringe-worthy.

Half way into this belter; I find “Kickin' The Can”, “Dirty Pool Player”, “The Easy Way” all differentiate instrumentation which is the definite pinpoint of this album, and makes me conclude in saying that “To Rock And To Serve” should be appreciated and jammed to at least once, if you want Rock to live…it's a clear message that we should support it. “No Control” and “Woman” end the record in stunning Rock fashion. Worth checking out at least once.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Ain't Easy Being Cool
2. Inside My Head
3. Everybody For Themselves
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Call Me The Victim
6. Baby, I Just Might
7. Jack & No Spare
8. Kickin' The Can
9. Dirty Pool Player
10. The Easy Way
11. No Control
12. Woman
Peter Stroud - Guitar
Mauro Magellan - Drums
Rick Richards - Guitar
Keith Christopher - Bass
Erling Daell - Vocals
Record Label: Rockbastard Records


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