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The Butcher's Rodeo - Ghosts In The Weirdest Places

The Butcher's Rodeo
Ghosts In The Weirdest Places
by Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan at 11 March 2014, 12:40 AM

France knows Hardcore, simple as that. So formed in 2010 are THE BUTCHER’S RODEO and it doesn't get more French Hardcore than this. This is their follow up EP to 2011's EP ''Like a Hobo On A Bison''. That was a cool EP and yes they write kind of off the wall titles just as their band name suggests but you got to love that. Like fellow French Hardcore band WAKE THE DEAD and KILL FOR PEACE, THE BUTCHER’S RODEO don't hold back from the off.

''The Curse'' spits right in your eye and punches you right between the eyes but doesn't just hold down that Punk vibe button… but takes you through a groove ridden piece and does make you feel at times that maybe it is true, as the lyric, suggests, ''I am so dead, I am alive'' oh yeah. Boom we go into ''Eye Of The Storm'' from the Punk distortion riff that opens we crash through another barrage of Hardcore shrapnel laden riffage and vocal force but still get a harmonious treat thrown in there. ''The Mutiny'' ups the anti, adding some pushing tempo and bursting grooves to the shape too, intense and yet still they throw in some nice harmony which serves to create atmosphere yet still deliberately throwing punk vibes at you time and time again.. oh and bravo for a little of the RED HOT CHILI'S in there, well in style anyway, yeah I heard that too…. but the time it was over, I found I was breathing harder myself, like I'd just taken a run, great stuff. ''Spoiler'' steps on the gas again and it's a moshpits dream, you could dance, sing and kick fuck out of everything, including everyone around you. All in the name of fun you understand. It's angry and chantey and just brutally delicious. Thank fuck then for ''Blind Army'' Oh, no, wait… lol… no rest bite here but lots of groove and over laid vocals and some cool sounds and a great main riff, an offbeat pattern… I think it’s a little fav… a bit of all this band are and showing them at their best.

''Repent and Honor'' does take some beating though for me, even though I said ''Blind Army'' was a little fav on the EP. Why? Because that's what I decided, what's it to you? Ok so I was joking but I think ''Repent and Honor'' just tip it over ''Blind Army'' because it shows the band truly at its best I think. In fact it shows why French Hardcore bands are hard to better, it gives you all you want but then pushes you into somewhere further and that is always a good thing. The closing track, ''Hold The Morning'' is something more soul searching, still very angry in all its attack but such a cool shape and seem more in depth, some great changes and guitar work and a bass sweep in there with a cool bass sound which will always win the day for me! Slightly more polished and less Punky overall…a great cool track you're going to like, even ending with some acoustic guitar…ahhhhh…thank fuck for the rest… I need to sit down… lol.

All In all THE BUTCHER’S RODEO are all that is good about French Hardcore and have done another great job here. EP?? Because it's 7 songs? Guys next time, just wait till you have an album, who cares if it takes a little longer, from what I have just enjoyed, it'll be worth the wait!

3 Star Rating

1. The Curse
2. Eye Of The Storm
3. The Mutiny
4. Spoiler
5. Blind Army
6. Repent and Honor
7. Hold The Morning
Vince – Vocals
Thom - Drums
Tonio – Guitar
Kwet – Lead Guitar
Guigz - Bass
Record Label: 312 Music


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