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The Cartographer – Mind Atlas Award winner

The Cartographer
Mind Atlas
by Ben Gardiner at 24 August 2021, 10:28 PM

"Mind Atlas" is the new EP from 4-piece Technical Death band THE CARTOGRAPHER. Crisp, faultless production and masterful heavy instrumentation. With features from Ash Currie of VANTABLACK, Patrick Pinion formerly of CANCER CITY and Dave Stewart previously in SKIES IN MOTION and THE CARTOGRAPHER.

Picture this: you lay in a hospital bed, eyes shut, with only the sound of a heart monitors steady blinking and a loudening ringing in your ear. Suddenly the hospital erupts into a huge all-consuming ball of fire, leaving no survivors. That’s exactly how this EP starts. Coming in hard, the slow technical passages are very akin to MESHUGGAH, making every note count and powerful. The EP ends with a Ricky Gervais soundbite concerning Religion, and the exploitation of children’s minds when they are young, connotating to the political ethos of the band.

Godless,” undoubtedly my favourite track, is insanely heavy, intensified by the dynamic quieter sections. This song is comprised of many different sending sections, each one cooler than the last, culminating in a progressive Deathcore-esque breakdown.

The drums in the intro of “We Will Guide You” blew me away, incorporating quick bursts of blast beats in the bars to create a frenzied feel.  This frenzied feeling is maintained throughout the song, with one of the hardest drum fill breakdowns and crazy guitar playing. The song ends in a highly epic, emotional chorus of echoing vocals, and a pulled back, double bass centric beat, giving a dramatic, concise ending to the opening frenzy of blazing instrumentation.

Speaking of opening frenzies, “Hyde,” the single released in 2018, lets you know it means business right out of the gate with an awesomely heavy, intro sequence, with CAR BOMB tones, it is instantly a headbanger. The energy is maintained throughout, with a plethora of technical breakdowns and high-octane sections.

This EP is an unbelievably good second release from THE CARTOGRAPHER. Creatively driven Tech Death with so many great riffs, beats, breakdowns. Everything about the songwriting feels purposeful and it is clear from the very first listen that a lot of work went into making this sound so damn great.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:   9

4 Star Rating

1. Overcome (feat. Ash Currie)
2. Godless
3. We Will Guide You (feat. Patrick 'Patch' Pinion)
4. 15318 (feat. Dave Stewart)
5. Hyde
Jay Roberts – Vocals
Dan Gorman – Guitar
Tom Broadhead – Bass
Josh Woodhouse – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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