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The Casualties - Resistance Award winner

The Casualties
by Dory Khawand at 24 September 2012, 11:01 PM

Hardcore Punk to me is one hell of an entertaining genre, and an escape from the realm of metal into something much different, yet so similar. THE CASULTIES are back, and their new album is the best cocktail I’ve tasted in ages, having a lot of Metal and Punk flavors mixed together.

“Resistance” the band’s new album is released on the Metal label Season Of Mist, which means the band has incorporated a more Hardcore and Metal influenced sound. Let me tell you this, these cunts are fucking brilliant, mad, and they’re threatening your very existence to listen to this album.

The album is composed of 15 tracks, and each of those tracks speaks to a wide variety of audiences. You have some riffs for your pure Hardcore lover, some riffs and melody for Metalheads, and a straight forward assault of Hardcore Punk for original fans of the band. The variety is just too much and keeps this album fresh, entertaining, and beheads any mediocrity that may manage to pop up. With all that said, the album is an amazing Hardcore Punk album by one of the leading acts in the genre.

The vocals by Jorge Herrera are a leading aspect that makes this all so unique from the start. The guy can easily be mistaken for a Black Metal vocalist due to his deep and raspy screams that cannot go unrecognized in a traditional genre like Hardcore Punk. Instrumental-wise everything is brilliant due to the uniqueness and the flow of the entire record. I didn’t get bored or irritated by anything repetitive or generic, and that’s rare to me when listening to Hardcore Punk.

Personal favorites of mine are “Modern Day Slaves”, the melodic meat grinder “Resistance”, and the most memorable one “Corazones Intoxicados”, which conveys amazing musicianship. THE CASULTIES do not disappoint at all, that’s a fact.

Passing out the chance to listen to this album is a mistake you will heavily regret. With all the generic and mediocre releases coming out this year, we need something new and different like “Resistance”. THE CASULTIES’ work will not be in vain, this album is one of the absolute best releases this year, and flaws are near nonexistent.

4 Star Rating

1. My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.
2. Behind Barbed Wire
3. Resistance
4. Modern Day Slaves
5. Warriors of the Road
6. South East Asian Rebels
7. Morality Police
8. Brick Wall Justice
9. Always Walk Alone
10. Constant Struggle
11. It’s Coming Down on You
12. Life on the Line
13. No Hope
14. Corazones Intoxicados
15. Soul of Fire
16. Voice of the Outcast
Jorge Herrera – Lead Vocals
Rick Lopez – Vocals, Bass
Jake Kolatis – Guitars, Vocals
Marc “Meggers” Eggers – Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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