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The Casualties - Written in Blood Award winner

The Casualties
Written in Blood
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 January 2019, 6:12 AM

Punk Rock and Hardcore are distant brothers of Metal. And in many bands of both genres you can hear the similarities of them with extreme Metal ones. It’s the influence of Punk Rock and Hardcore that MOTÖRHEAD brought to Metal in the 70’s. And there are moments when both genres still give the fans new astonishing releases, as “Written in Blood”, the new album from the juggernaut quartet THE CASUALITIES, from New York.

Bearing the same musical fury of names as DISCHARGE, CHARGED G.B.H., THE EXPLOITED and many others, it’s the same nasty and ruthless way that can be heard on their previous albums, but it can sound a bit melodic (just a bit). The energy, the brutality and aggressiveness of the band’s music is tempered by the experience, and technical level is not extreme, because their genre doesn’t need such thing. But be prepared for a storm of energy, charming guitar riffs (and solos), a strong work from bass guitar and drums, and nasty vocals, and what great work on the choruses. The sound quality of the album is amazing. Obviously it bears that organic like approach, with excellent nasty instrumental tunes, but not as dirty and raw as old D.O.Y. Hardcore/Punk albums usually sounds. No, they’re in the same vein of North American School, specifically the N.Y.H.C. School that prefers something cleaner and done with care, but without leaving aside the crude insight of the genre.

These four bastards hit the bull’s eye in each one of the 15 tracks of “Written in Blood”. It’s a lesson of what the genre is about, but “1312” (a provocative song, with charming backing vocals and excellent melodies), the fast and short “Fucking Hate You” (another excellent chorus, and it’s a furious and nasty statement that bears great guitars), the melodic and charming “Ashes of My Enemies” (a slower song, with very good work on bass guitar and drums), the blunt “Demolition”, the seductive melodies and backing vocals of “Guard Dogs” and of “Written in Blood” (this one shows some features that can be heard on earlier Thrash Metal albums from the 80s), the stabs in the ear called “Feed Off Fear” and “Final Expense”, and… Oh, come on! This album really is a masterpiece, and doesn’t deserve to have this or that song referred as the best ones. All of them are done with heart, come from the quartet members souls, without caring with commercial ideas or if someone will complain about the way they are.

The year is only beginning, but THE CASUALITIES brought one with “Written in Blood” one of the strongest candidates to be among the top10 list of many on the year!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. 1312
2. Fucking Hate You
3. Ashes of My Enemies
4. Demolition
5. Guard Dogs
6. Written in Blood
7. Feed Off Fear
8. Final Expense
9. So Much Hate
10. Ya Basta
11. All Out War
12. Smash
13. Lost
14. What I Want
15. Borders
David Rodriguez - Vocals
Jake Kolatis - Guitars
Rick Lopez - Bass
Meggers - Drums
Record Label: Cleopatra Records


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