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The Chronomaster Project – The Android Messiah

The Chronomaster Project
The Android Messiah
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 May 2022, 6:37 AM

From their EPK, “Central planet, Galaxy TAU-Z - last day of the war. The invasion by the ENEMIES was in its final act: by now their advance had become relentless and no force in the universe could have stopped them. Unfortunately, the spies of the Intergalactic Empire had not found the home planet of the ENEMIES, the place from which millennia before, these beings had started their relentless ride through the universe. A new generation sentient android, called the Chronomaster, is therefore created who is able to change its appearance and to adapt to the various races it will encounter in the universe. His purpose is to travel among the various colonized planets until it reaches the home planet of the ENEMIES to destroy it. The energy needed for its creation was such as to drastically lower the energy levels of TAU-1 (the main planet of the system as well as the last bastion against the advance of the ENEMIES) leaving it practically defenseless.

All the known invaders' routes have been entered into the Chronomaster’s database, especially through the SOS communications that have been sent from the worlds that have been invaded. Unfortunately, some links to reach the home planet of the enemies are missing and it is up to the Chronomaster to find the missing links. On each planet it reaches (following the invasion route), the Chronomaster finds desolation or the last survivors who tell of their experience with the invaders. On those desolate planets, thanks to its chronodynamic display (which looks like a technological compass) he can see the last moments of the planet.” The concept album contains ten tracks.

“The Mission” leads off the album. It opens with a sweet and tender melody from strings and piano. Guitars and keys come next, followed by raspy and mighty vocals. The harmonies are very well put together. I love the structure in the song and the earnest melodies. “The End of my World” opens with a slower groove and more sophisticated melodies. Every instrument contributes to the wide open sound, but one does not dominate the other. The ending keyboard sequence puts a positive spin on the tale. “The Ancient Throne of Tessev V” begins with a heavier sound from a meaty riff, but melody is still in the forefront. This time, female vocals grace the song, charming and alluring. Some harsh vocals keep the song tense. The keyboard solo is fantastic, and the high notes she hits at the end of the song are glass-shattering.

“The Invaders’ Chronicle Pt.1 – We Came in Peace” is a slower number with more emotive vocals. The band seems to intuitively know when to use which singer to tell the tale, as well as when to turn it up verses when to let it ride. This song does indeed promote a peaceful, serene feeling. “The Last Man of Ice” begins with some mysterious tones…who is this man? The harsh vocals point to a person not of this world. This mid-tempo swooner is a transition point in the tale. That guitar solo is excellent also. “The Invaders’ Chronicle Pt.2 – In Hoc Signo Vinces” begins with organ notes followed by some clean, ardent leads. The darker tones indicate that this time, they do not come in peace. The vocals are just a bit over the top, but they work in the tale.

“Generation Clash” talks about the despair of building something peaceful when invaders take over with nefarious intent. Their laughter echoes the feeling, along with the harsh vocals and heavy guitar rhythms. “Revenge of the Last” opens with piano notes and solemn tones. Dark melodies carry the song forward. The female vocals have a biting quality to them and the tale takes a turn. Fight, or get out of the way, the song begs. “The End of Your World” begins with keys and some swirling electronic elements. From there, the riff is diligent and industrious, and tender melodies abound. The nine-minute “Nothing Left to Lose” closes the album. It’s a culminating tale of both triumph and tragedy. Lamenting lead guitars combine with poignant male and female vocals to put a final stamp on the story.

Although the tale and back story are a bit grandiose, why not? It is just a bit hard to follow, but that doesn’t make the music any less impactful. Indeed, the album was meticulously put together and produced, and the team here is very talented. At times, they flirt with pretentiousness, but what Progressive band hasn’t been accused of this? Glorious melodies meet head on with ambitious leanings and nothing is forgotten or left out. This album needs to be experienced to really appreciate.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Mission
2. The End of My World
3. The Ancient Throne of Tessev V
4. The Invaders’ Chronicle Pt.1 – We Came in Peace
5. The Last Man of Ice
6. The Invaders’ Chronicle Pt.2 – In Hoc Signo Vinces
7. Generation Clash
8. Revenge of the Last
9. The End of Your World
10. Nothing Left to Lose
Fabio Rancati – Story, Production
Enrico Scutti (The Chronomaster) – Vocals
Luigi Iamundo – Main Composer, Rhythm Guitar
Giorgio Novarino – Bass
Lele Mr. Triton – Keyboards
Leonardo Porcheddu – Lead Guitar
Carlos Cantatore – Drums
Douglas Docker – Lyrics
Record Label: Elevate Records


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