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The Clan Destined - In The Big Ending

The Clan Destined
In The Big Ending
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 12 March 2015, 11:06 AM

Let’s put all cards on table, maybe I will keep an ace in the sleeve, however the cards are on the table; "In The Big Ending" is a rerelease of the same name demo that was released on 2004 by THE CLAN DESTINED, but wait; "who are THE CLAN DESTINED?" You ask, led by Martin Walkyier , the well-known English singer of the legendary SKYCLAD, one of the biggest bands in the Folk Metal scene, so you ask the question that I ask, what is a world known Folk Metal singer is trying to do with is new/old band. So first of all like many singers and musicians, venturing to new realms, in this case the realm named THE CLAN DESTINED.

Had I wrote above the album was recorded on 2004 and elven years has gone and I before I started listening to it I was wondering how an album that was recorded long ago will stand the test of time, so read on and you will get the answer.

Six tracks on the album and from a folk metal juggernaut like Martin Walkyier you immediately expect a Folk Metal sound; however form the start track "Swinging Like Judas" the sound and atmosphere are very different. If I had to explain it in words I will have to say something like Epic Metal meets Hard Metal with some Power metal sounds, mainly cause of strong emphasis on Keyboards. I have to say that the first track, "Swinging Like Judas" reminded me of LORDI and if you look at the time table of the THE CLAN DESTINED demo production "In The Big Ending" it’s in the same year that LORDI started getting some attention, ether way, all of the songs, and I mean all six are amazing, tracks mixing some great metal and even some funk in the case of the magnetic track "T.C. Lethbridge" (The Sons of TC Lethbridge cover), Martin Walkyier does great work on vocals and in some way I got hooked on his style of signing; loose and fun.

Don’t miss "Swinging Like Judas" that I already mentioned and "More than War" with some heavier riffs.

Such a great album (demo), let us hope that we won't have to wait another eleven years to get more from THE CLAN DESTINED and Martin Walkyier.

4 Star Rating

1. Swinging Like Judas
2. I Am Because We Are
3. T.C. Lethbridge (The Sons of TC Lethbridge cover)
4. A Beautiful Start to the End of the World
5. Devil for a Day
6. More Than War
Martin Walkyier - vocals
Jay Graham - Drums
Jacqui Taylor - Guitars
Record Label: HammerHeart Records


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