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The Columbian Necktie - Self-Titled

The Columbian Necktie
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 January 2012, 3:10 AM

I hope that when a band states on one of its songs the following line fragment of “…Fuck the corpse and watch it sleep”, they aren’t being too serious about themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there are bands that do enjoy those kind of lyrics like the known Brutal Death Metal band CANNIBAL CORPSE or SKINLESS or other kind of brutally infested extreme Metal. Nonetheless, this young band from the cold North of Denmark, aren’t close to be a Death Metal band. This is THE COLUMBIAN NECKTIE, a band that bears a name that right from the beginning channeled a sense of humor, maybe of the black kind, right to my face. From what their debut EP tells me is that they are really angry but with a twist of a smile.

In general, THE COLUMBIAN NECKTIE would seem like a vicious sort of band, yet don’t let the music or even the low grunting vocals fool you. This is a diehard Hardcore band that likes to stride pretty frequent between the worlds of Punk and Metal. Throughout the EP those same maneuvers between genres, some were actually nifty, and their massive production, were their only winning tickets to their desired fame. Unfortunately, it was too bad that they displayed such an inconsistent material following uneven arrangements and utterly monotonous musical patterns. And I am adding this to the lyrics, which were about mere sexual molestation, that were poorly written, even childishly in their level.

My overall appreciation of the songs is that each one starts with a flick of promise then begins to fast descent and finally crushes in a blazing rumble to the ground without moving again. THE COLUMBIAN NECKTIE tried to be intelligent with their music but failed miserably to deliver their will on the tracklist. Some of their efforts created banal motifs that Hardcore already suffocated from Thrash and Punk back when it was created in the 80s. Along with modernity that barged in with guns blazing, it sounded like almost everything else in the underground Hardcore. I sure hope that this band will set its mind straight and protect what advantages they have and do something about their future release. 

2 Star Rating

1.The Equation
2. Flesh Toys
3. The Guide to Romance 2.0
Mortem - Vocals
Birk - Guitars
Soren - Bass
Daniel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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