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The Committee - Utopian Deception

The Committee
Utopian Deception
by Craig Rider at 20 June 2020, 6:05 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THE COMMITTEE; signed via Folter Records, hailing from European grounds - performing Atmospheric Black Metal, on their 3rd Full-Length album entitled: "Utopian Deception" (released May 29th, 2020). Since formation in 2007; the sextet in question have an EP entitled: "Holodomor" (released April 20th, 2013), 3 Full-Length albums with the first being: "Power Through Unity" (released February 28th, 2014); "Memorandum Occultus" (released February 25th, 2017), and this here 3rd album that I am introduced to entitled: "Utopian Deception". 6 tracks ranging at around 45:58; THE COMMITTEE arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

"Awakening - Unimaginable" beings the record; opening up with this shroud of static, until this BEHEMOTH-esquire "The Satanist"-era groove interupts and overtakes with this blistering hook…armed to the brim with wildly rushing electricity - as it barrages eardrums into an amplified but distorted hybrid, implementing a gnarly flamboyancy of riveting trailblazing that thunders with skyrocketing melody. Consisting of Igor Mortis - The Conspirator; on guitar/lead vocals, the frontman excels at a complexly dextrous dynamic…manifesting this meticulous ramification of rawly rough vehemence & quintessential virtuosity. Ultilizing this uniquely versatile frenzy, enriching a bludgeoning beat that rumbles with rapidly swift nimbleness & organically seamless substance of sonic strikes that stampede with salubrious yet razor-sharp riffs that shred with monstrously meaty velocity. Elementing a borderline foundation of raspy pipes that showcase this profusely robust synergy of throaty snarls while roaring with this surging presence while distilling a chiselling but grinding contrast in which revolves around a frantically combustible calamity that triggers with uzi; maching-gun fire chugging, forging a frightening aesthetic of ominous frolicks & crunchy tightness…toning down into an acoustic but outrè prerequisite of swinging panache sections that harnesses a diversely diligent characteristic - attributing a catchy but fierce embodiment of volatile variety.

"Lexi-Con - Radical" demonstrates an experimental embellishment of super-speed bulldozing, hammering into a battering clash from drumming powerhouse William Auruman - The Charter; drum cymbals tap with visceral reverberation, rambunctiously piledriving with rampant firepower, crushing finesse & boisterous bounciness. Distributing a killer jumpiness, while quaking with punchy weight & this relentless pummelling of monolithic savagery, maliciously persevering with this persistent fog in which wails with this sweet-sounding wall of noisy symphonic terror & rebellious retribution. Creatively amalgamating blackened death grips, atmospheric deadliness that revels with some eerily detailed hymns & harmonic blasphemy. Compiling immersively intense instrumental extremities; harald into a hasty slab of solidly venomous melancholy, majestically mesmerising this vibrantly potent vibe of quirky snappiness & mellifluous euphony.

"Infectious - Sensible" opens up with this slow strum until unleashing a foreboding yet ritualistic mood; trembling the sound production with this robotic machination that evolves into a dissonant landscape as it establishes a fluidly polished thumpiness of steely profanation, as second riffer Aristo Crassade - The Trigger primitively portrays a hefty ability to rip & tear into a high-octane laceration. Oscillating with remedious executions in which wonder with thrashing tendencies, never-ending into an otherworldly sensation of dramatic impact, grandure havoc and a healthy dose of sulphurously malevolent orchestration merging this progressively technical madness of oozing majesty with its impressive skill to juxtapose blast-beating chaos with ambient aurora in brilliant fashion – still managing to slay with solace, scorchingly sublime musicianship & tribal sophistication. "Harrowing The Sane - Popularization…" is a lengthy bruiser; songwriting that remarkably smothers with scattering, window-shattering murkiness. Audible bassist Marc Abre - The Mediator injects an infectiously driven tempo shift that portrays a hauntingly deathly droniness with this drilling chunkiness; belting inventively dark imagination with tactical synchronisation, resulting in a massive systematic of slightly muddy performances that repels this elegantly exquisite consistency of neck-breaking choruses that transpires an incredibly upbeat yet memorable value that will make you want to replay over & over again.

THE COMMITTEE converge an incredible free-for-all of motivating strikes with an explosively accelerating attack mid-portion of the song which takes me with this surprising phenomenon that was really quite refreshing. "Ossification - Law" combines aforementioned overarches that supplies this momentous pattern of sinister nature; subjugating listeners into a stomping style where again in the mid-section of the track shows off the atmospheric conjuring with some nice tapping thickness, while the overpowering drum cycle expeditiously exceeds humane boundaries. "Utopian Deception's" widespread prevalence is indeed an undoubtedly rich fabrication; captivating keyboardist Urok - The Inquisitor has a thrilling stability to storm through an enrichingly crafted éclat of addictive arrays displaying hypnotic but ethereal spellbinds, transfixing you into an enchanting dimension of trancing musical qualities. The three; tremoring vocalists Navigator, Duce & Void can also be heard chanting their prestigiously prodegious yells that distribute hints at guttural growls, with this outrageous roar of hardened lungs help diverse everything even more.

Overall concluding "Utopian Deception" with the finale epic: "Ashes - Norm" with its siren-raising psalms; providing more of that magnetising unification of total ruination, spirited soothes & this waving sea breeze at the end for a calming type of sensation brilliantly ends this record with stunning potential. Bottom line; THE COMMITTEE certainly outdone themselves with this one, "Utopian Deception" is a broad spectrum of musical qualities. The band aren't afraid of unveiling advantageous ideas while still staying viciously, and consistently brutal at the same time, this here album is definitely a discovery that's remarkably replayable while curving a fine line of unprecedented silver-lining talents - an enjoyably entertaining fufillment of distinctively distinguished enlightenments…as fans of this sub-genre will surely relish in. Check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Awakening - Unimaginable 06:29
2. Lexi-Con - Radical 06:48
3. Infection - Sensible 07:58
4. Harrowing the Sane - Popularization… 08:54
5. Ossification - Law 08:08
6. Ashes - Norm 07:41
Igor Mortis - The Conspirator - Guitar/Lead Vocals
William Auruman - The Charter - Drums/Percussion
Aristo Crassade - The Trigger - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Marc Abre - The Mediator - Bass/Backing Vocals
Urok - The Inquisitor - Keyboards
Navigator - Guest Vocals
Duce - Guest Vocals
Void - Guest Vocals
Record Label: Folter Records


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Edited 03 July 2022

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