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The Company Corvette – End Of Summers

The Company Corvette
End Of Summers
by Cory A. Jones at 09 February 2012, 10:34 AM

I recently reviewed an album by this band called DENIZEN who billed themselves as “Stoner Rock”, now that band sounded very little like the Stoner Rock genre that I know and love. THE COMPANY CORVETTE has more of that sound than most American bands right now. This Philadelphia based trio have a solid, groovy sound chock full of slow paced riffs, crunchy bass, and pounding drums. It’s all you could want in a stoner rock band.

“End Of Summers” is the band’s latest album, and it showcases a solid set of groovy tunes that should delight any fan of slow, crunchy Rock. Not every track is a winner on this one. I found the song “Henry” to be boring, and the closing track “Third I” goes on WAY longer than it needs to. There are up sides to every downside though, tracks like “Something New” and “Wet Shoes” are really enjoyable and keep the album sounding fresh and cool.

The only real drawback for me was Ross Pritchett’s vocal style, which was practically spoken-word in parts, or otherwise extremely monotone. It works in some places, but can get old really quick. It never really annoys me enough to really bitch about it though. Aside from that, band has a solid psychedelic rock sound that is infectious in that wonderful, head-noddy way.

It’s really nothing special, but it’s a fun listen. I would recommend this record to any fans of slow-paced stoner rock, as I’m sure they would eat it up. Grab this sucker off CDbaby or Amazon and dig the shit. Far out man.

3 Star Rating

1. Something New
2. Blame It All On Me
3. Henry
4. One Over
5. Regular Skip
6. Wet Shoes
7. Bear In Mind
8. Third I
Ross Pritchett- vocals/bass
Alexei Korolev- guitar
Peter Hurd- drums
Record Label: Independent


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