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The Conspiracy - The Unbearable Heaviness Of Existence

The Conspiracy
The Unbearable Heaviness Of Existence
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 12 February 2020, 12:42 AM

THE CONSPIRACY is a 4 man band from Vilagarcía de Arousa, Galicia who came together in March 2016. The new album “The Unbearable Heaviness Of Existence” was released on December 9th 2019 and is a 6 song album. The band who say on their Facebook page are “Metal with extra evil and bad host from Vilagarcía, Galicia.” THE CONSPIRACY are a Power Violence Metal band with loud growls & heavy screams. They are proud to be known for their heaviness and have an excellent album cover for the new album “The Unbearable Heaviness Of Existence”. It’s quite Satanic and Celtic at the same time which shows they mean business. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Enlascuerdas Studio. I will go on to summarize a few of the albums songs.

The first song on the album “Ne Cumaþ Pa næfre Of Bæra Wyrma Seaðe” opens  with a few quiet words and bursts into heavy screaming vocals which continue throughout the song which lasts! Minute 11 seconds. It’s set to show the sound of the rest of the album. Song number 3 is called “I Have No Mouth (I Have To Scream)”. It opens with the soothing words “Let me tell you how I’ve come to hate you”. Its a small speech about hate which lasts about 30 – 40 seconds into the song before those screaming vocals and seriously heavy guitar riffs with matching drumbeat come in. The song kicks your ass straight to the kerb and keeps you there. The next song “F.S.H” opens straight away with the vocals powering in and matching the tempo & rhythm of the guitars and drums which accompany them. It’s a song which plays for 1 minute 7 seconds so is another short song. The album closes with the song “…& Of Pæs Dracan Ceolan Be Is Satan Nemned” which opens as it closes the album, loud and definetly Power Violence if it’s to be heard. The song opens with a bit of a discussion between 2 men and carries on to this way through the song with more softly played riffs & quieter drum beats. A surprising end to a very heavy album.

Overall the album is very loud and hard as well as heavy to listen to. Not my usual cup of coffee to be honest & will be a band I wont be following due to personal taste, however if you don’t try you just never know. For fans of the band however I’m sure this will be good news to hear the album is now on the airwaves. Personally not an album I’ve enjoyed reviewing sadly, & I hope the band can understand my objectivity. I certainly hope not to cause any offence, but just not for me. To me the best thing about this album has been the artwork on the cover.

Songwriting 6
Musicianship 6
Memorability 5
Production 7

3 Star Rating

1. Ne Cumaþ Pa næfre Of Bæra Wyrma Seaðe
2. The Unbearable Heaviness Of Existence
3. I Have No Mouth (I Have To Scream)
4. F.S.H
5. All Will Suffer (Shattered Realm Cover)
6. ..& Of Pæs Dracan Ceolan Be Is Satan Nemned
Carlos - Guitar
Anton - Bass
Paulino - Drums
Peter - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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