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The Cruel Intentions - Venomous Anonymous Award winner

The Cruel Intentions
Venomous Anonymous
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 July 2022, 5:46 AM

After a long time lying dormant, Hard/Glam Metal came back from the dead, but as everyone already knows, the axis changed from the USA to Europe, especially Sweden and Finland. But these words don’t mean that these countries have exclusivity on the genre, no, not at all, because many other places gave birth to lovely acts. But no one could expect that Norway, widely known for its extreme Metal scene, could breed an act as THE CRUEL INTENTIONS, a furious quartet that comes storming with “Venomous Anonymous”.

Their musical work is based on a form of Hard/Glam Metal that bears that same old and good blend between catching and charming melodies with the abrasive and silk aggressiveness inherited by the genre from Punk Rock of the 70’s. It’s not a sin to say that they follow a trend similar to acts as MÖTLEY CRÜE, HANOI ROCKS, FASTER PUSSYCAT, and others prowlers of Sunset Strip nights in the 80’s. It’s an explosive dose of adrenaline with many hooks, and there’s no way one can resist to their music if a Rock ‘n’ Roll fan. The band brought Erik Mårtensson (the known ECLIPSE’s singer and guitarist, to mix, master and produce the album (and he did some backing vocals and additional guitars as well), and the creation of a sound quality that could be modern and defined, but able to hold the rioting energy of the quartet’s wasn’t something easy, but was done in an almost perfect way.

Be prepared for their attack, because the quartet isn’t kidding at all (although the songs are showing a spontaneous feeling that points that they had loads of fun composing and recording the album). All the songs are really excellent! The album opens with the mix between a good dose of weight and tons of fiery melodies shown on “Reapercussion” (what lovely chorus and great guitars are heard on this one), that is followed by the massive live hit called “Venomous Anonymous” (it’s a hit for sure due its hooking and accessible melodies, and what brutal weight of bass guitar and drums, and another perfect chorus), and the abrasive melodies created by the guitars on “Sunrise over Sunset” and “Casket Case”.

“Kerosene” deserves its name, because it puts the ears of the fans on fire easily due its hooking melodies (some AC/DC-like arrangements can be heard), followed by the accessible Pop/Glam touch on “Salt i Ditt Sår” (maybe a track for radios and TV programs, but how lovely it is). The band gets heavy on the nasty and feline silk aggressive energy of “Final Deathroll” (you won’t resist to it), and on “Goddamn Monday” (you won’t resist to it², and it bears some resemblances with KISS age during “Animalize” days). And “Bad Vibes” comes with a more melodic ambience, but spiting catchy melodies in all directions by the guitars.

“Chemical Vacation” is a savage Yeti-like Glam Metal song, with tons of weight and melodies being combined, and what amazing vocals and backing vocals are presented. And what brutal sets of Hard/Glam melodies are shown on “City of Lice”. And… Oh, the album is already over? Spin it again as much as you like until you’re pleased (what will be hard, because it’s impossible to resist or to get bored of this album). THE CRUEL INTENTIONS is really an amazing surprise, and “Venomous Anonymous” will be on my personal list of the best albums of this year. Listen to it and check out why this writer says such words (and I really want a signed physical copy of it for me).

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Reapercussion
2. Venomous Anonymous
3. Sunrise over Sunset
4. Casket Case
5. Kerosene
6. Salt i Ditt Sår
7. Final Deathroll
8. Goddamn Monday
9. Bad Vibes
10. Chemical Vacation
11. City of Lice
Lizzy DeVine - Vocals, Guitars
Kristian Solhaug - Guitars
Mats Wernerson - Bass
Robin Nilsson - Drums
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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