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The Crux - Time and Space

The Crux
Time and Space
by Sarah Chebaro at 22 June 2022, 4:14 PM

THE CRUX, a stoner rock band mixed with some thrash metal influence, from Northern Ireland tears into the metal scene with their short but sweet four track EP “Time & Space”. They were formerly knows as WARCRUX and were founded way back in 2009 with their first EP called “Warcrux”. They went their separate ways in 2013 but then decided to give it another go in 2017. “Time & Space” is their second EP release and its a complete banger. They keep to the old school thrash metal which makes it a joy to listen to.

My heart beats to the sound of the drums in the first track “Being”. It’s a stomping headbanging tune with a very catchy guitar riff, the perfect representation of stoner rock. James’s vocals is melodic and gives that retro feeling with just the right about of groove. I wont forget that gorgeous guitar solo that kicks in at minute 3. The song ending really expresses the headbanging and the sweat. “Time and space” is slow, raw and can really hear the thrash metal influence with the growling from James’s. He absolutely nails it. The song really has a banging mix of the heaviness from thrash but the slow deep riffs from stoner rock. It’s strange but it works.

Cornered” is definitely my favorite track on this EP. The tempo is faster, the aggression is felt, the growling is beautiful and you can hear a slight touch of IRON MAIDEN influenced riffs. Pretty sure this song will create the perfect moshpit. This track reminds me of “ The Calling” by ALL THAT REMAINS. “Your misery will kill us”, the last song on this EP, is mindblowingly hympnotizing. It sounds almost tribal with some psychediclic influence. There is some definate air guitar riffs to be done in this song with the accompanying vigorous headbanging that will definitely give you whip lash.

THE CRUX really created a strange mix of stoner rock with thrash metal. The two genres are practical opposites. Since stoner rock is supposed to be slow and well influenced by cannabis hence the name, but thrash is heavy,fast tempo, low-register guitar riffs and loads of guitar shredding. Although, “Time and Space” won’t make the biggest impact on the metal world the band has set a name for themselves by combining two different genres are making it work with perfect balance. I am very curious and quite excited for what their future albums will entail.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Being
2. Time and Space
3. Cornered
4. Your Misery Will Kill Us All
James Boyd - Vocals / Guitar
Neil Ward - Lead Guitars
Michal Bugajski - Drums
Russell Moore - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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