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The Curse of Millhaven - Thresholds Award winner

The Curse of Millhaven
by Laura Glover at 22 October 2019, 4:23 AM

The Belgian band, THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN, bring us their third album “Thresholds”. Formed in 2012 around Ypres, Belgium THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN played their first ever gig by joining ABORTED on the Belgian date of the Goremegeddon ten-year's annual tour. Then their second album, “PLAGUES”, rocked the world yet again in 2017. Finally, “THRESHOLDS” is here as of August 30, 2019. The band’s name was taken from Nick Cave. Millhaven being a fictional town in which an evil little girl named Lottie lives.

Thresholds” is an album with a very dark sub vibe, lyrics that talk of the murderous child that are musically played out to Death Metal and MeloDeath’s glorious beauty. It has nine songs, some of them entirely instrumental. Like song #9, Cruciato Mentis, with a slew of guest guitar players. Such as Deiter Willen, Mendel bij de Leij, Bart Govers, and Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle.

"Sadistic Art" is very melodic in its entry, with strong drum work by Bart Rambour, and haunting guitar melody. “I was dreaming my mind was sliced open. Dissecting some bodies, in search for inner peace. This blackened hand shall reap. Carving, slithering, until you’re all asleep. My will be done. Oh, how I love to be a creep.” Little Lottie’s psychotic role in these contrastingly soothing musical compositions presents a definite creepy vibe. A good one, if horror is your gig.

"Path of Destruction" – Notably, Jasper Lobelle’s vocals carry this song in a fast and aggressive manner. Dark and destructive lyrics maddingly marry Jasper’s voice in the depths of its hellish intentions. With a slightly progressive sound, the momentum of this song is swift. "Enlightenment" is an instrumental with melodically fast riffs. Melancholy and poignant, yet leads us into a dark lair of tangible longing for more of its acoustic interludes.

The horror masquerade this album puts on lends to the melodic portions epically. THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN is a deeply talented band. From the slew of guest guitarists, to the instrumental portions of the album it never ceases to maintain its awesomeness. This is yet another album I have reviewed that has made its way into my regular playlist where I get to fall more in love with it over time.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Thresholds
2. Shelter
3. Sadistic Art
4. Path of Destruction
5. Enlightenment (Acoustic Intermezzo)
6. My Reign, My Wrath
7. Weakness
8. Confident to Defy
9. Cruciato Mentis (Instrumental)
Jasper Lobelle - Vocals
Jeroen Debruyne – Guitar
Kurt Mylle – Guitar
Bram Dewilde – Bass
Bart Rambour – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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