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The Dagger - The Dagger

The Dagger
The Dagger
by Jessica Howkins at 11 July 2014, 4:10 PM

Stockholm, the place of metal it has appeared in the recent few years. This time, Stockholm has churned out Heavy Metal band THE DAGGER (previously just DAGGER) and boy have they done a good job with these guys

THE DAGGER are old school with duelling guitars, a wall of bass, pounding drums and fierce vocals.
They almost put you in the mind of early Metal bands such as IRON MAIDEN and RAINBOW yet influences of Speed Metal are also amongst these guys by the likes of CAULDRON and SKULL FIST.

The entire album is upbeat and fun, well, that’s what Heavy Metal is about right? Grabbing a few pints, banging your head and having the time of your life and I can imagine – these guys live? Pretty fucking kick ass and fun.

With tracks such as “Skygazer” and “Dog of Warning” it’s proof that these are a band that you can sing along to at the top of your lungs in true Metal style, you know, with your hairbrush in front of your mirror pretending your famous… or that might just be me actually.

The album isn’t completely perfect mind you, we’re just missing a few more songs I think!

Just like any proper Heavy Metal band, they show their Blues influence – it’s a solid foundation for being a successful and good Metal band, everyone knows this, even if you’re one of those guys who sits their chugging on open strings in the lowest possible tuning you can whilst walking around like a crab. THE DAGGER show off their influence and talent beautifully especially in the track “Ballad of an Old Man” and “Inside the Monothic Dome”. They capture the pure essence of what makes a band strong and what makes a pretty great album.

“The Dagger” is an absolutely stunning release and should be picked up and put on the highest volume by any fan of Metal. You can grab your brush and sing in the mirror, air drum on public transport whilst getting strange looks of the N-DUBZ fans at the back and jump off your sofa with a mop pretending you’re the bassist or guitarist. If you ask me, that’s a pretty sweet way to live.

4 Star Rating

1. Ahead Of You All
2. Call of 9
3. Ballad of an Old Man
4. Skygazer
5. Electric Dawn
6. 1978
7. Dog of Warning
8. Nocturnal Triumph
9. Inside the Monothic Dome
10. Dark Cloud
Jani Kataja – Vocals
David Blomqvist – Guitar
Tobias Cristiansson – Bass
Fred Estby – Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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