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The Dahmers - Terror On Wheels

The Dahmers
Terror On Wheels
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 March 2016, 10:19 PM

It has a great influence from RAMONES in its nastier and dirty moments, along with Rockabilly touches and tons of fun. This is what we can say about the Swedish Garage Rock band, THE DAHMERS, which is putting the door down with a kick, and playing a wild way of Rock'n'Roll/Psychobilly into our ears with "Terror On Wheels", their latest work.

Their music is really charming and hooks to our ears easily, it's not difficult to be understood, not extremely technical, and obviously it is done with very good mood (it seems to me, of course). It is highly adrenalized, with melodic voices, nasty and raw guitars, and powerful rhythmic session. So, lock up your daughters, hide your beer bottles, because these savages are up to be nasty and truly savage.

The sound quality is very good. And in their style, to do something too clean never would work as well as this nasty and simple way, where the instrumental tunes become raw and abrasive, but not in a way their songs would become a confuse sound mass. No, you'll understand what they are doing.

"The Ripper" sounds like a class for some that don't understand what is Rock'n'Roll, with nasty guitars, loud melodic vocals creaming and tons of raw energy. And "Hit 'n' Run" is played on the same trend, still as nasty as a brawl of savage drunken guys into a bar full of smoke, with very good guitars once more. On "Howling", we have a more melodic and accessible song, here with very good work from the rhythmic kitchen.  And "I Spite on your Grave" is a bit more aggressive them the previous song, with very harsh tunes from the guitars, reminding a lot from MOTORHEAD tunes back on the 70s, but there are melodic vocals here as well, but beware: these four songs can become an addiction to many. And on their lyrics, it seems to deal with old violent/horror films. They recognize no authority, so stay away from their music if you meant to be a good guy. But as Metal, Rock and all these styles weren't meant for good guys, hear it loud, drink some beers, and let the fun start!

By the way: if the band's info is wrong, do not blame me. I tried a lot to find any info, but I had to see their video and made a comparison for who is playing what, so don't complain with me, please.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Ripper
2. Hit 'n' Run
3. Howling
4. I Spite on your Grave
Christoffer Karlsson - Guitars, Vocals
Rasmus Grahn - Guitars
Tobias Augustsson - Bass
Karl-Oskar Hansson - Drums
Record Label: Lovely Records


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