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The Damned – Another Live Album For The Damned

The Damned
Another Live Album For The Damned
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 July 2015, 12:52 AM

When I saw the kit for this album, I had to stand up from my chair and pay some respect. It’s THE DAMNED, one of the most important bands for the formation of the ’77 Punk Rock on United Kingdom, the same one that Lemmy speaks about in his earlier days on MOTORHEAD. OK, they have a different insight, not being just a Punk Rock band, but a Rock’n’Roll band that defies all labels you could think of. And this is a double CD live album, with the ironic name of “Another Live Album for The Damned”.

Of course, as a live album, this double CD has songs from all THE DAMNED. Their importance to the consolidation of Punk Rock, Gothic Rock, Pos Punk and other styles is immeasurable.

But let’s keep our attention on this work. Simply, it’s a live album, in a form of a double CD package. But imagine a live album with that kind of magic (no, I’m not speaking by the famous QUEEN’s album, please) that seems to be forgotten and buried. And of course you’ll feel that these old guys still have a lot to give to Rock’n’Roll universe. Before all, a live album must have tons of fun, and this one has a lot. And their work is based in very good songs, showing very good vocals, great guitars, fine keyboards and a strong and powerful rhythmic session.

Nothing using complicated musical arrangements or things like that, but with an energetic insight. This is what they are about since the band started. The sound quality given is very good, to the point you can hear clearly the songs, the audience, the talks from the band with public. The album is a very good set of songs, as I told above, but let’s be honest to ourselves: Hearing songs from their classic albums “Damned Damned Damned” (“Fan Club”,“Neat Neat Neat”, and to remind you all: it’s the first album from a Punk Rock band from the UK), and “Machine Gun Etiquette” (“I Just Can’t be Happy Today”, “Love Song”) is something good to our minds, but their more Pos Punk/Gothic Rock times is here, in songs as “Bad Time For Bonzo” (from “Strawberries” album).

OK, I accept that on this album, the tracks are really what the band usually plays on their shows and were played and recorded alive in another albums. But THE DAMNED is  a legend, and legends are eternal.

4 Star Rating

Disc 1:

1. Wait for the Blackout
2. Disco Man
3. I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
4. Perfect Sunday
5. Thrill Kill
6. Love Song
7. Neverland
8. Gun Fury
9. Eloise
10. Limit Club

Disc 2:

2. New Rose
3. Fish
4. Bad Time For Bonzo
5. Shadow Of Love
6. Neat Neat Neat
7. Stretcher Case
8. Fan Club
9. Satisfy You
10. Thanks For The Night
11. Captain Sensible Medley Jam
12. Smash It Up
David Vanian – Vocals
Captain Sensible – Guitar
Monty Oxy Moron – Keyboards
Stu West – Bass
Pinch – Drums
Record Label: Westworld Recordings


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