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The Dark Horde - The Calling Award winner

The Dark Horde
The Calling
by Laura Glover at 07 October 2021, 12:23 PM

The Calling” is a concept album by THE DARK HORDE, written with a captivating storyline; quite different from many albums I’ve heard previously. Intellectually written lyrics mixed with bits of story-telling. I don’t want to spoil the entire story for you though. This is a journey you will have to take on your own. I will, however, talk a bit about it as I am here to write a review. And what a twisting and dark journey it is. The cover has this quote; “I, Henry Anthony WIlcox, testify that this recording contains my final words. I pray that someone will find this and comprehend its message. God save us all. Henry WIlcox (signature) 07-04-89.” THE DARK HORDE is a collective of artists from Melbourne, Australia; a combination of several internationally recognized musicians, vocalists, and actors.

Introduction” - “I was once an avid believer in many things”, the storyline begins. Deeply dark, and haunting. Punctuated by slowly rising tempo on the guitar, this story is kind of a mind fuck. Not what I expected, entirely, but maybe what I wanted to hear and wasn’t aware I needed. “Mask” - The awesome vocal range and vocals tantalize powerfully. Yet, the guitar is poetry all of its own; artful and well played. A powerful combination, vocal style, music style, and a story that haunts and captivates you. Each song in succession tells more of the stages in the story. “Childhood” - We are allowed a glimpse into the tortured mind of a youth, Henry Wilcox by name. Slow and chilling musical overtures add complexity to the horrors this child faces. Dreams to a tortured mind. Or realty? We may never know. I will add, that when I was listening to this song in my car while driving my oldest child around (17 years old), his reaction was one of “Whoa! What was that madness?!”, when I played it.

Therapy” - Trapped and alone, Henry tries to talk to his parents; who in turn send him off to therapy. Henry is diagnosed with “temporary psychosis”. Meanwhile, Henry experiences these visions in real time and cannot get a single soul to believe him. Was it real? You tell me! Again, the story is led on by music that lends the mind a false sense of calm. Truly, there is no calm in these horrors. “Memory” - This is a faster paced beat, with a vocal style that has a certain metal crooning sound to it. It makes your heart ache for the little boy in the story. It seems, we as society love music for how it makes us feel. Nothing can elicit feelings quite like a good song. Emotion is perfectly displayed within these notes. “Xenogenesis” - “Blood of the sinners, flesh of the tainted, thoughts of the damned and hated”, lyrical genius in present form. Do yourself a favor and don’t just listen to this album, READ this album. The intricate nuance and incredibly written story absolutely deserve all the justice it can get. Make sure to experience this wholly.

THE DARK HORDE created an album full of suspense and horror, ‘The Calling”, to be released in October. A super creepy album for a spooky time of the year. This is the debut album for THE DARK HORDE. After spending some time and effort in gathering the perfect members for the band, they took just as much care in releasing the album. Give it a listen, but don’t take the demons home with you.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Introduction
2. Mask
3. Childhood
4. Victim
5. Therapy
6. Memory
7. Destiny
8. Puppet
9. Xenogenesis
10. Rebirth
11. Slaughter
12. Awakening
Danny Cecati - Vocals
Kevin Powe – Narrator
Shaun Farrugia – Demonic Vocals
Dexter Seamus – Young Henry
Record Label: Independent


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