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The Darkness - Easter Is Cancelled

The Darkness
Easter Is Cancelled
by Jojo Hamilton at 24 November 2019, 12:55 PM

THE DARKNESS. a band who have been with us some time now, is a band who always bring fun to the Metal scene. Not too serious, but serious about their music at the same time. Now THE DARKNESS bring us the new album “Easter Is Cancelled” on the October 14th, 2019. It is a 14 track-long album with the band's well known singer Justin Hawkins at the forefront. A new piece fans will no doubt be listening to as they keep up with the band's latest studio album. THE DARKNESS bring us the latest installment of fun with a mixture of classic Heavy Metal and new age metal to combine in a way unique to the band. The band who began their career back in 2000, and releasing their debut album “Permission To Land” in 2003, are now approaching their 20th year anniversary, and are still as strong as ever. “Easter Is cancelled” is their 6th studio album to date.

The album is full of Metal gems to listen out for. Such as “How Can I Lose Your Love?” - a gentle, quite, melodic and easy to listen to song, with high quality guitar riffs peaking through. A ballad type of song, which is 3 minutes 2 seconds long. It is also, in fact, a song in which Justin Hawkins shows off his powerful pitch. “Heart Explodes” is another song to listen out for. It is a song with strong lyrics to reach deep inside on a rainy day. It's a bit of a tearjerker. Title track “Easter Is Cancelled” is another song worth noting. It opens the way it means to carry on: high and hard. At 4 minutes and 18 seconds in length, it’s a song that can deliver a punch. Fans will also enjoy “Choke On It”, a song that shows the fun lyrics we all associate with THE DARKNESS. A song worth thrashing your head to. In addition, in this record, we can also find “Laylow”, which is a bonus acoustic track that is softly sung. A nice touch to hear a different side of the band.

In my opinion THE DARKNESS have come far in their 19 years in Meta, and they have a long way to go yet. The band have always kept it light and airy as they continue to do so with the album “Easter Is Cancelled”. Another fresh fun and wild chapter from the British Metallers. We can look forward to more from the lads in the future as they show no signs of slowing down any time soon! An enjoyable album to turn up loud and feel as the music takes you. Well produced and mastered, the album is a great choice for fans old and new. THE DARKNESS have once again brought us an album worth getting our teeth sunk into.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Rock And Roll Deserves To Die
2. How Can I Lose Your Love
3. Live 'Til I Die
4. Heart Explodes
5. Deck Chair
6. Easter Is Cancelled
7. Heavy Metal Lover
8. In Another Life
9. Choke On It
10. We Are The Guitar Men
11. Laylow
12. Different Eyes
13. Confirmation Bias
14. Sutton Hoo
Justin Hawkins - Vocals
Frankie Poullain - Bass
Dan Hawkins - Guitars
Rufus "Tiger" Taylor - Drums
Record Label: Cooking Vinyl


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