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The Day Of The Beast - The Ultimate Cremation Pyre Award winner

The Day Of The Beast
The Ultimate Cremation Pyre
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 02 July 2017, 4:58 PM

THE DAY OF THE BEAST might seem like new band to you, but I can assure you that they have been around for a strong eleven years. Formed in 2006 (in Virginia Beach, Virginia US) they showed interest in the pretty rarely touched genre mix of Black and Thrash Metal. Releasing their demo back in 2008, they started focusing more and more on the sound. “The Day of the Beast” was the name of their very first demo, which consisted of four tracks. Their self-titled album “The day of the Beast” came out the very same year, but this time, it was serious business. It caught the attention of some people, with its ten songs and malevolent artwork. “Unknown Kadath” was their second demo, which came out only a year after the debut full-length and highlighted how much the band was motivated to write more music.

Demo #3” came out in 2010, with five songs, and it was definitely more serious than the previous demo, which was a single-song one; it could’ve just been a single, to be honest, but it wasn’t. Then, following two years of rest, 2012 marked the release of their highly acclaimed - or should I say un-acclaimed? – album.

Not a lot of people batted an eye, although it was pretty serious material. “Relentless Demonic Intrusion” was as long as their previous full-length, but it consisted of nine songs this time. It was an ‘okay’ album, but as previously mentioned, not a lot of people cared, sadly. “Diabolic Separation from Hope” was the name of their fourth demo, released in 2014. It did take them two years to release that one, but it showcased once again the true energy of this fearless band. Once again, it was a one-song demo.

Now, three years later, the time has come for their third full-length album. “The Ultimate Cremation Pyre” already sounds wicked, not just in name, but musically too, plus when you look at the artwork, you can’t really get any other feelings than those of total doom, destruction, apocalypse, horror and misanthropy. I can proudly say that this album, which came out via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on March 3rd 2017, truly solidified what the band started so many years ago. It is an album of 9 songs in total, and what an album it is. Songs like the title-track “The Ultimate Cremation Pyre” or “Crowned in Maggots”, “Phantasmal Crossroads”, or the final track “Cyclopean City of Dark, Dripping Stone” demonstrate just what I’m talking about.

The band have outdone themselves in the very best way possible. Support them if you like AURA NOIR, ABSU, or DARKTHRONE.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.The Diabolic Separation from Hope
2.The Ultimate Cremation Pyre
3.Black Earth Coffins
5.Crowned in Maggots
6.The Destroying Eye
7.Phantasmal Crossroads
8.Bastards of the Beast
9.Cyclopean City of Dark, Dripping Stone
Justin Shaw - Bass
Jeremy Bradley - Drums
Steve Redmond - Guitars
Steve Harris - Vocals
Zach Garvin - Guitars
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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