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The Dead Flowers Graves - Three Dried Flowers in her Hand

The Dead Flowers Grave
Three Dried Flowers in her Hand
by Dani Bandolier at 09 August 2020, 12:51 PM

North-east Italy is a coven of Black Doom bands and this is the locale where THE DEAD FLOWERS GRAVES (2017) was formed, a mysterious band inspired by doom metal, legends and spiritism. With four cryptically named members and four different musical experiences, a particular and personal sound composition style is conjured on this 4 song release titled "Three Dried Flowers in Her Hand" which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mat Sound Studio last year in July and August of 2019.

The spirit in the body … Met with spirit of the afterlife … First track ‘The Spirit in the House’ is a dynamically subdued but animated number that goes into the groove via riffs provided by †21.10.  She-voice †19.03 pens the lyrics with the other nom de digits writing the music that circles the BLACK SABBATH cauldron while the doom witches collude in their order … The Blood, the Pink, the Blue ,the Black The Sickle, the Full and the New‘The Moon and Her Stories’ drips with †19.03 honey until the full moon arises coursing energy backed by †06.10 drumming lunar circles. After catching some video of a live performance (complete with red candles) of ‘The Moon and Her Stories’, the song became a bit more transpicuous to me insomuch as how the music ideally should be executed (hehe … executed), and is hereby pronounced My Favourite Tune.

Black spiral dancers … A poetry … The descent to the Underworld … ‘Caprimulgus’ again sticks to the SABBATH-MERCYFUL FATE bag of guitar and drum licks. I dig the fuzz guitar tone †21.10 laid down on these tracks although lean and single tracked … Burning branches of juniper … To keep the evil away … The rusty gate is open … A place for every soul … ‘The Rusty Gate is Open’ is anti-climatic and falls a bit flat with nothing to differentiate this song from the others.

THE DEAD FLOWERS GRAVES has a few things going for them. †19.03 is a very good singer that writes oddball lyrics and she has no problem sinking her teeth into them and articulating her melodic fantasy. The songs have MERCYFUL FATE old-skool guitar riffs inside songs that roam between the doom rawk metal borders easily and cast in front of a band tossing groove candy to the walking heads. THE DEAD FLOWERS GRAVES promote this release as a demo and it is … there could be some different ways to mix these tracks to get more power of the live sound and unchained energy into the bits and bytes. Go see the band. That is where the black majik goes down.

Non ci saranno più coincidenze ma solo sincronie …  L'elenco Spotify di dani bandolier delle band recensite…

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Spirit in the House
2. The Moon and Her Stories
3. Caprimulgus
4. The Rusty Gate is Open
†19.03 - Vocals
†21.10 - Guitars
†13.11 - Bass
†06.10 - Drums
Record Label: Loreravn Records


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