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The Dead Goats - Don’t Go in the Tomb

The Dead Goats
Don’t Go in the Tomb
by Nick Webb at 07 September 2015, 12:53 PM

Hailing from Poland, THE DEAD GOATS‘ brand of Death Metal is brutal, heavy and gory. Influenced by horror and gore, there is a lot of influence of the Swedish Death Metal groups from the 90s which can be heard in this latest release, “Don’t Go in The Tomb.” All three tracks are high Speed Death-fests, which are relentless and powerful; refusing to let up till the very end of the last song.

Opening with a haunting speech, implying arrest after a horrifying event, “Don’t Go in the Tomb”, the album’s opening and title track, builds up to a frantic pace when the shouted vocals start their audible assault. The refrain and repeated “Don’t go in the tomb” line really sounds like something from a horrific gore flic. For a Death Mmetal album, the production is a lot more polished, the balance and clarity between the instruments gives “Don’t Go in The Tomb” a lot more punch and gives it a huge impact.

“Featherless” is another fast paced thrasher, full of morbid riffs and morose imagery which is brutal and harsh. The screaming is again harsh, with minimal attention paid to melodic content. The riffs are very buzzsaw, but have very little in the way of flash and technicality, with a lot of hardcore punk-style chord thrashing. The ep finishes with the shortest track, a cover of REPULSION’s “Festering Boils”. The track’s crushing brutality fits in perfectly with the rest of THE DEAD GOATS’ sound, the incredible brutality and speed, coupled with the harshly screamed lyrics make it a worthy addition.

Other than it’s shortness, “Don’t go in the Tomb” is a good release, with three solid tracks. However they are all pretty similar in their sound and style, paying a lot of homage to the Swedish Death Metal acts which have come before, and not being hugely interesting. But still a solid three tracks.

3 Star Rating

1 - Don’t Go in the Tomb
2 - Featherless
3 - Festering Boils
Bartulewicz - Guitar, Vocals
Jaworski - Bass
Pierscinski - Drums
Record Label: Arachnophobia Records


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