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The Dead Goats - Ferox

The Dead Goats
by Jeff Legg at 01 May 2014, 12:26 AM

Hailing from Poland, THE DEAD GOATS sound is remeniscent of classic Swedish Death Metal but with a modern day, relevant breath of “fresh air”. These guys, Pavlo aka Conan on guitar and vocals, Jawor on bass and backing vocals, and Radek Royale on drums and vocals have given hope to the future of this ever flooded style of music.

With Death Metal being such a trendy genre these days, and so many bands “coming out of the woodwork”, you would think most everything coming out now in this category is just “cookie cutter”, manufactured music.  Not so for The Dead Goats new EP, “Ferox”. If you are a big “Goats” fan, you may have been wondering if this is just watered down leftovers from their 2013 EP, "Children Of The Fungus” or their 2012 full length album, “Path of the Goat”. Let me testify that this is solid, heavy ass stuff that will make your ears bleed.

The first track, “Final Death”, opens with a sample of what seems to be a scene from an old Dracula movie and launches into a fast paced, furious guitar and drum onslaught. The vocals on this song are retro Old School Death Metal that will have the oldest of fans slamming around.

Track two, “Bonesover”, is the fastest, most brutal song of the three and is the closest thing to that old iconic Swedish Death sound on the EP. You won’t be able to catch your breath during this track until the really tight breakdown in the middle section, then the heaviness will have you banging your head against the closest wall.

“Into the Haven” is the third and final track and is a really heavy, groove-laden song that changes the pace just a bit. It also opens with a sampled track from an old movie and then hits you directly in the face from the bottom end. This is my favorite song on the EP.

For the relatively short period of time these guys have been on the scene, they seem to have what it takes to be a force in Death Metal for years to come. Even though “Ferox” is a really good release, there is nothing new here, just more of what they’ve released in the past (this is a good thing). If you’re looking for a breakthrough album, this is not it.  If you want really good Death Metal, here it is.

3 Star Rating

1. Final Death
2. Bonesover
3. Into The Haven
Pavio (aka Conan) – Vocals, Guitars
Jawor – Bass, Backing Vocals
Radek Royale – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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