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The Death Wheelers - Divine Filth

The Death Wheelers
Divine Filth
by Dani Bandolier at 02 September 2020, 7:08 AM

It’s 1982 and Spurcity is run-down, the crime rate is up and so is drug use. A new kind of kick has hit the streets and it ain’t pretty. DTA, a powerful and highly addictive hallucinogenic drug is transforming its loyal citizens into undead trash. Its users experience an indescribable high but it leaves them rotting away within days, craving human flesh. No one knows who is dealing this new potent drug but rumour has it that the motorcycle cult named The Death Wheelers is behind this concoction. Could this be the end of civilization as we know it? What is motivating this group of psychotic individuals?

Divine Filth” is the new release from THE DEATH WHEELERS (2015) from Québec City, Quebec in Canada. The band line-up is the same as STRANGE BROUE with members adopting the pseudonyms The Axe, The Bastard, Red Beard and Back From the Dead. Sy 'Wild Rye' Tremblay on guitar has made tracks from the original gang. In a departure from STRANGE BROUE’s typical stoner doom style, THE DEATH WHEELERS play an instrumental, faster-paced style of stoner rock while incorporating elements from 1970’s hard and punk rock.  The band's name comes from the 1973 movie Psychomania, which heavily inspired them.

‘Welcome to Spurcity’ is the first track on this wholly instrumental release and is a teaser for track 2 ‘Ditchfinder General’ where the band shows up without sleeves and ready to rumble. The music is spastic and wheelies from riff to riff and rhythm to rhythm with no inclination to find a groove and stick around to see what develops, so a song-by-song review is in the ditch. My top tracks are number 6 ‘Corps Morts’ and the cover of Dick Dale’s ‘Nitrus’.

This is some interesting music with cracking and breathless performance from lads that can play and play fast, all the while showing imagination that’s off the hook - but aren’t we all just children of VOIVOD? THE DEATH WHEELERS music is high octane, chock full o’ nuts and hits all the rock boxes – punk, funk, surf, hard, post and 50’s rock’n’roll while adding metal overtures and the band does this feat compulsively within the 44 minute span of music on the 11 tracks of “Divine Filth”. If you are a fan of PRIMUS, Dick Dale and Italian Soundtrack Horror Punk you are going to want to check this out.

Dani Bandoliers Spotify list … trading children for a new kind of robot and waiting for the old people to disappear…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Spurcity
2. Ditchfinder General
3. DTA – Suicycle Tendencies
4. Divine Filth
5. Lobotomobile
6. Corps Morts
7. Murder Machines – Biker Mortis
8. Motörgasm (Carnal Pleasures Pt.1)
9. Chopped Back to Life
10. Road Rites
11. Nitrus
Max ‘The Axe’ Tremblay  - Loud Pipes
Hugo ‘Red Beard’ Bertacchi - Tire Screeches
Richard ‘The Bastard’ Turcotte - Battery Acid
Ed ‘Back from the Dead’ Desaulniers - Fender Bender
Record Label: Riding Easy Records


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