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The Deathtrip - Deep Drone Master Award winner

The Deathtrip
Deep Drone Master
by Paulo Maniaco at 12 October 2014, 6:15 PM

THE DEATHTRIP is a two men Black Metal band, Norway and England a good mix with an interesting outcome, Host plays all the instruments while Aldrahn takes care of the vocals, the drums are a machine going crazy all the way. I mean the music itself is not bad at all, unlike most Black Metal bands they have a very clean and melodic sound and not losing all the hate and aggression, so the outcome is a very interesting CD and hopefully in the future they can recruit a couple of members and go around Europe spreading their blasphemy!!

First track "Flag Of Betrayal": fast song with simple riffs and deep vocals not so raspy like most Black Metal bands, still having a very old school sound, not too bad for two guys really. "Dynamic Underworld": a slower approach with good melodies very catchy songwriting and sharp guitars, "Sewer Heart" follows the same path, not so complicated riffs and good choruses and melodies, I would say that the melodies make them stand out from the other Black Metal bands, music doesn't have to be so complicated like DREAM THEATER because they get bored after all; anyways, THE DEATHTRIP is not an amazing band but they get away easily in what they do because they do it well and the more you listen to it more it grows on you.

I really wish they  get a proper band together and go on collecting souls because their music is good and honest and they have a very good attitude as well!! As productions go I say it is very good indeed and the art cover is also excellent!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Flag Of Betrayal
3. Dynamic Underworld
4. Sewer Heart
5. Making Me
6. Cocoons
7. Cosmic Verdict
8. Something Growing In The Trees
9. Foot In Each Hell
10. Synderbukken
Host - Guitars
Aldrahn - Vocals
Record Label: Svart Records


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