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The Deathtrip - Demon Solar Totem

The Deathtrip
Demon Solar Totem
by James Brizuela at 12 November 2019, 8:28 AM

THE DEATHTRIP is a black metal group out of the UK. Originally formed in 2007, only having released demos leading up to their first full-length release in 2014, “Deep Drone Master”. They return to the fold with their second full-length album, “Demon Solar Totem”. You have got to love very capable atmospheric black metal bands. The title track of the album kicks off with everything that you would hope a black metal band would sound like. “Demon Solar Totem” kicks in with some impressive instrumentals. There is a vile and eerie black metal sound that leads directly into the blistering blast beats and fast guitar riffing. There are some angelic backing vocals mixed with some clean vocals that give it that extra layer of atmosphere. The track sits at a whopping nine minutes, but there is plenty going on to make you feel as if the track is not that lengthy. I can really appreciate the enunciation in the vocals. Often there is that piercing scream from black metal vocalists, but this is a complete change of pace.

Angel Fossils” brings in more of that brutal sound, but there is a slowing down of the pace with the angelic-like backing vocals that bring in that more atmospheric feel again. I really like the picture that the music is painting. It has this avant-garde type creepiness to it. With all the choir-like backing vocals “Demon Solar Totem” puts you into the feeling of being in the middle of a brutal and evil church procession. I know its taboo to mention church and black metal, but I did say evil church. There is a definite theme of eeriness to the album that exists throughout. “Vintage Telepathy” has this feeling in spades. There is this instrumental interlude in the track that brings in the backing vocals once again. That is a running motif in the album that I honestly love hearing every time. There is a deeper and longer carry of clean vocals on this track that couples well with the brutality of the track. I love the balance that exists between the two.

The final track, “Awaiting a New Maker” presents the amalgamation of the entire album. An epic eleven minutes of piercing brutality coupled with the angelic voices making their case once again. But what is interesting is the creepy ending that shows off more of that atmospheric charm. My only gripe is the volume level of the recording, but other than that, the album is solid. “Demon Solar Totem” is a purely atmospheric undertaking of black metal dread and brutality. THE DEATHTRIP showcase their intense black metal sound coupled with the beautiful angelic-like eerie music that encompasses a fully developed sound. This album is a journey, enjoy it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Demon Solar Totem
2. Angel Fossils
3. Enter Spectral Realms
4. Surrender to a Higher Power
5. Vintage Telepathy
6. Abraxas Mirrors
7. Awaiting a New Maker
Paul Groundwell – Guitars
Kvohst – Vocals
Jon T. Wesseloft – Bass
Record Label: Profound Lore Records


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