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The Descent - Dimensional Matters

The Descent
Dimensional Matters
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 January 2013, 12:48 PM

A way back to the hungry days, a path back to the old days, the good old early 90s. Some would say that throughout the 90s, especially mid to end, Death Metal became something else as it began to sound more polished, compressed and modernized. However, those were the years where the Swedish kind of melodic Death Metal received more recognition as a worthy sect of Death Metal aimed to please every Metalhead. Following the same old ideas of the Swedish realm, this here material of the new album named “Dimensional Matters”, by the Spanish based THE DESCENT, took references from the mid-90s of genre as it began its modernization process. Not that the THE DESCENT bested with their newly found debut, but generally, they made their point. Not with an impact but with a clear message that they are here to stay in order to recapture that old melodic flame on their own.

Near the entire tracklist of “Dimensional Matters” is a full spread show of force. THE DESCENT fight hard with robust rhythms displaying the usual genre’s melodic twitches, rapid fire from the skins, crude bass providing fine coverage for the licks and an Friden & Stanne influenced vocalist rattling way ahead as if his life depends on it. On the other hand, following the band’s energetic perception towards their compositions, THE DESCENT more or less reprised the same moments that I am sure you have heard like a thousand times or maybe more. Sure fans of melodic Death Metal would find themselves bloody headbanging to explosive tracks as the violent opener of “The Web Of Lies” or the melodic blisters of “Winter Hell” and “Wraith (Tied to Reality)”. Truthfully so was I right from the first listening session, yet as I continued on listening to the rest of the songs, I noticed how single patterned this band is. They really enjoy what they are playing no doubt, but how about crafting something more original that would actually remain as a sweet memory to one’s ears, especially for new listeners. “Rejected By The Sun”, what I believe to be the album’s top notch example of how a few elements of Heavy Metal along with slight Hardcorish natured characteristics that created a sort of easiness within the song’s structure along a somewhat classic oriented chorus, can be examined as a sort of variance. Though out of the Gothenburg domain, but still a little diversion off the band’s steady course. In a way it sounded like a song taken from commercialized IN FLAMES’s “Reroute To Remain”, but one can win them all right?

“Dimensional Matters” demonstrates equal cosmic ideas that have already been infested upon by the old gods of melodic Death Metal. Actually it made sense to me because eventually reality will come back to haunt with its echoes and the future that will be undoubtedly chasing its steps. I have always been mystified by those perspectives about the life, the future and how we are in charge of our own destiny. THE DESCENT are also in charge of their own kismet. As it would seem to be, they truly have the sufficient knowledge of how to produce a late 90s Swedish Death Metal album and even hired the right producer to cater the right type of sound for their cause. Yet I assume that after “Dimensional Matters” and the arrangements for a possible sophomore, one day they would want to find their true selves. Therefore I will sum this up by writing the following: A nice release, great attitude, strong riffing though obvious and recurring while also lacking inventive lead guitar displays (whether soloing or articulate licks), definitive vocals and a hell of a sound. I would be expecting more out of this Spanish crew on the following release.


3 Star Rating

1. The Web Of Lies
2. Sacred War
3. Winter Hell
4. Rejected By The Sun
5. The Day After
6. Drug
7. Wraith (Tied to Reality)
8. No One Cares
9. Confined
10. Guilty Conscience 
Charlie– Vocals
Anton– Guitars
Ander– Guitars
Garaio– Bass
Aitor- Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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