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The Design Abstract – Metemtechnosis

The Design Abstract
by Dave "That Metal" Guy Campbell at 22 December 2021, 9:05 AM

THE DESIGN ABSTRACT t is a three-piece Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band from Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada. The band focuses heavily on storytelling and world building with a futuristic and sci-fi narrative to each album they create. They formed in 2011 as a solo project under the name Design, and after many lineup changes, grew into a musical entity that presents a bold, epic, and even monolithic fusion of orchestra, synth, and melodic death metal. “Metemtechnosis” is part two in the Technotheism trilogy. It tells the story of humanity's rebirth and eventual conflict with the singularity-consciousness and those that fight under its command. Aberration Omega are a group of rebels who, led by the iconic Decryptor, seek to destroy the tyrannical reign of those who oppress the freedoms of neo-humanity. The album contains nine tracks.

“Digital Dawn” leads off the album. It opens with ominous Symphonic elements and a nice little melody. The vocals are clean at first, then turn harsh. The band seems to have a solid grasp on timing changes, and electronic elements. They remind me of SCAR SYMMETRY. “Born of Machines” begins with a heavier riff, some background synth, and that trade-off between clean and harsh vocals. The melodies flow in the chorus but are just a bit on the reserved side. The synth work is fairly pronounced here. “The Hybrid Awakening” begins with a weighted riff and harsh vocals. Lead guitar breaks come in here and there along with the synths in support. The dreamy clean vocal harmonies add some depth and texture to the music. Towards the end, several instrumental passages begin to click together, and the song closes with piano notes.

“Organic Data Fusion” begins with heavy sounds that give way to clean vocals and lead guitar melodies. The trio finally reach their ambitions in the chorus…it is a wonderful collection of somber and catchy offerings, and the guitar work is quite well done. “Metropolis II” opens with a smooth dose of electronica that gives way to some wonderful symphonic elements. The clean vocals again find their mark in the chorus, but the rhythm guitar work is fairly elementary. “Aberartion Omega” begins with clean vocals and some melody. So close…they are so close to that magical collection of hooks that would tie the entire album together. “Upheaval” is a shorter song that begins with melancholy yet ominous electronica and some lead guitar work that is right on that melody line.

“Sentinels” is another concise offering that seems to be more memorable due to its shortened length. They build dreamy landscapes with strings that are in stark contrast with the heavier, harsher passages. A longing develops within the music that connects with your memories. “Decryptor” closes the album. It features some more simple rhythms along with some more complicated elements. I have said this a couple times now…they are so close to reaching their mark. The song culminates in a crescendo of complimentary elements before it ends up some harsher tones.

Overall, though this is not the first effort from the band, I feel like they are close to that bar of musicianship and songwriting but aren’t quite there yet. The album is ambitious in terms of the amount of different instruments they band uses to carry their message, but at times they don’t play together as best they could. They deserve credit for aiming their sights so high into the sky and are so close…one or two things could put them over the top. They are also consummate musicians.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Digital Dawn
2. Born of Machines
3. The Hybrid Awakening
4. Organic Data Fusion
5. Metropolis II
6. Aberration Omega
7. Upheaval
8. Sentinels
9. Decryptor
Voiicide – Vocals, Bass, Synth
Logan Mayhem – Guitar, Synth
Matt Ngo – Guitars
Record Label: Abstraked Records


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