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The Devil's Trade - The Call of the Iron Peak Award winner

The Devil's Trade
The Call of the Iron Peak
by Dani Bandolier at 28 September 2020, 11:40 AM

HappyMusicIsShit … hmmm, ok. “The Call of the Iron Peak” is the new release from THE DEVIL’S TRADE (2014), Dávid Makó’s swell music project from lovely Budapest, Hungary. This is Dark Doom Folk framed by Dávid’s soaring vocals, in his own description “a one man gang chained to some burden that he pulls through his ways leaving tracks behind to lead or guide mostly him which directions not to and which to go again. The legs are old wounded up to the knees as the tracks are that deep and filled with sticks and stones but strict marks that lead him where he wants to arrive. His music is the dust he shakes during this pilgrimage of his.”

‘The Iron Peak’ begins the ascent of this release. Till the soil keeps my weary body down … I will have my vengeance six times And then I will have my wounds dried under the autumn sun My broken bones will rest where the river starts …“The Call of the Iron Peak” is really one long lament with a few instrumental pauses to let the dust settle in your mind. The vocal melodies for the songs are direct riffs off of each other and follow similar musical structures that become more familiar and spectral … Bruder oh my bruder, the wind says it’s still not time to meet her …  ‘Dead Sister’ is a standout cut and shows the first taste of banjo that Dávid plonks in accompaniment to his sad lamentation of mourning song.

‘No Arrival’ absolutely guts me –  Dávid’s vocal performance on this song gyrates between a soul on fyre and Romani rock shouter in an existential song that scans the horizon of loss. If you are in a certain place in your life, a certain awareness – this sentiment rings like a funeral bell. I Doth Pronounce This Song as My Favourite Tune. ‘Expelling of the Crafty Ape’ follows the slog, footsteps trekking to the end-times with no sherpas allowed to help shoulder your baggage; no my brothers and sisters you gotta carry that weight yourselves – this song is atmospheric and crushing. ‘Három Árva’ is sung in Magyar or Hungarian, an Uralic language that fits the Russian-like theatrical intonation of despair … Burn … burn … I’ll burn … ‘Eyes in the Fire’ throws you me and everyone else in the fyre then let’s us smolder on to song #9, the last of three musical interludes that bridge these tales of woe … These songs I have sang feel like all I have left …‘The Call of the Iron Peak’ is the last abandoning song, a final disenchanting vista ala Jarmusch’s ‘Dead Man’ where the banjo stands-in for the dream world goodbye … Waiting for you and clean your path …

Dávid Makó covers a lot of ground on “The Call of the Iron Peak” and he does it all without a net; there are no drums on this release save for the last song outro, which adds to the naked allurement of his plaintive voice. Dávid propel’s the flow and rhythm of his singing without leaning into backbeat cadence, a rather ominous proposition in this dark musical context. Imagine Eddie Veder or Ronnie James Dio as a second tenor and free - free at last - from their exacting pop-rock cages. Dávid’s operatic delivery brings on more than melancholy. I feel an actual sense of loss listening to his music. The last time I was clutched by profound emotion akin to this was watching Jeff Buckley pin the eyelids back on a hall full of unsuspecting German rockers playing Live aus dem Südbahnhof in Frankfurt, Germany on February 24, 1995 on his Mystery White Boy Tour. By the third song their faces melted like they had pissed themselves and then, planted in their own warm yellow puddles, were unable to move or take their eyes off of him – such was the power of Buckley’s performance. I imagine THE DEVIL’S TRADE likewise throws down an affecting, eyelid-pinning live performance. I will definitely check a show out, hopefully during Formula 1 weeks in Buda-Pest next year when the world is right again for us doomsters. Bravo ¡!

Úgy szép az élet, ha zajlik  !!!! dani bandoliers Spotify list  …

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Iron Peak
2. Dead Sister
3. III
4. No Arrival
5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
7. Három Árva
8. Eyes in the Fire
10. Dreams from the Rot
11. The Call of the Iron Peak
Dávid Makó - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo
Record Label: Season of Mist Records


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