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The Devil - Self-Titled

The Devil
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 December 2012, 4:11 PM

Our world’s history can be haunting. As a matter of fact there have been plenty of proofs that we didn’t come to learn from most of our past mistakes. Looking through the unknown future, there is a chance that none of us is safe maybe it be because of another nuclear war, the failure to resurrect peace, genocide, another termination, a new religion coming upon the world, the rise of the machines, favoured world leaders silently or publicly removed by assailants. I guess that anything can happen. Not everything is just in the movies. All we have to do is read between the pages, between the blood red lines carved in print upon the stack of papers we call books. Someone is probably watching over us doing so, it could be god or the devil, it could be both. Supposedly what I have right here in front of me is the devil’s manuscript of the past and possible future of mankind. Unraveled by instrumental tracks only, there goes THE DEVIL. A masked anonymous lineup from an unknown origin that took the name of the king of the underworld as their own, and also named their debut album by the same name, takes the listener into various of time points throughout mankind’s long history of misdeeds, even recently with the terrorist attack of the twin towers in New York in September 11th, 2001, through scraps of old recordings and testimonials of once great leaders now buried.

For the creation of the soundtrack to main events that occurred years ago, THE DEVIL incorporated a traditional oriented Heavy Metal music, infused with more than a fair share of keyboards as a stimulating atmospheric enhancer. I assume that the main purpose of this sort of soundtrack is to formulate an type of an emotive background, whether harsh or placated but in this album’s case its more to the verge of moaning, according to the events described in each song. In general I think that it is a fine idea but on the other hand, the scraps of old recordings can never exchange the channeled emotions of a vocalist. I am not saying as a vocalist, just as a mere listener. In order to capture the importance of the theme at hand there is a better way to do that. This isn’t a normal album at all nor is it similar to any type of instrumental that I have ever encountered. THE DEVIL display rather simplistic music, rhythmic at the most part, not too many lead guitar melodies and nonexistent soloing. Other than good examples in the manner of “Alternative Dimensions”, “Extinction Level Event”, “The Silent City” and “Devil & Mankind”, THE DEVIL didn’t make me flinch that much. They formed their own soundtrack version to these events, some with dull music that is immensely comfortable and too much at ease, and some a bit more electric but boring. What saddened me that they themselves didn’t learn from their success as they were able to energize with the tracks I mentioned. But I estimate that it is up to a critic bastard like me to tell them that so here I go.

As I mentioned earlier, the idea for his album is superb. I think that as people that know their histories quite well, even if there is ignorance here and there, we should be aware of what is happening around us. It is true that we create our own music to those types of past scenes, but why not taking THE DEVIL for a spin and take a few notes or just take a seat back into the haze. 

3 Star Rating

1. Divinorum
2. Universe
3. Astral Dreamscape
4. World Of Sorrow
5. Devil & Mankind
6. The Silent City
7. Akashic Enlightenment
8. Extinction Level Event
9. Intervention
10. Illuminati
11. Transcendence
12. Alternative Dimensions
13. Ascensio
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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