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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation

The Dillinger Escape Plan
by VR at 14 November 2016, 10:03 PM

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, named after bank robber John Dillinger, was formed in the year 1997, after the demise of Hardcore Punk band, ARCANE. Since then, the band has released 6 full-length studio albums. The band is considered one of the primary components of Mathcore, whose birth can be traced to BLACK FLAG'S seminal 1984 album "My War". The band has a reputation of intense, wild and often violent, live shows. The band is also famous for several controversies that followed them throughout their career. They have gained the respect from critics for their creative and technical approach to their craft. After the departure of Dimitri Minakakis in the year 2000, the original singer, the band met with Greg Puciato and offered him the job after two practice sessions. Since then, the band has toured in support of Metal acts like MEGADETH, SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DOWN. In May of 2009, the band started its own label, Party Smasher Inc., and released this album in 2016.

"Limerent Death", the opening track of the album, is a frantic loud and violent track and it begins its assault right from the word go. Midway through the track, it seemed that the lead singer lost interest in the song and just gurgles the words. One does get the feeling that it could be a souped up Punk song! "Symptom of Terminal Illness" is the second song of the album, and quite frankly, a little creepy. An extremely melancholic track, it can be only described as a plea from a lunatic for salvation. “Fugue" begins with a funky drumbeat and almost has an electronica vibe to it before the bass guitar jumps in with a jazz-ish melody. The track slows down towards the end and fades away rather unexpectedly. The album closes out with "Dissociation", a sad sorrowful song that is more electronic than string based heavy music.

After the release of "Dissociation", the band announced that they were going on a hiatus. Later they confirmed that the band was indeed splitting up. The band is famous for starting fights with security an with the crowds, pyrotechnics, and other mayhem that most bands will not even think of doing. At the Reading festival in 2002, Greg Puciato defecated on stage, shoved it in a bag before throwing it in to the crowd! Although they have been booked for a series of gigs that will see them perform all over Europe till the end of February 2017, the band has no intention of continuing.

The album in itself seems fractured and follows no particular set formula. It is a totally unexpected and surprising album and the listener has no way of knowing what comes out next. It’s a difficult album to listen to at some places, but a creative one nonetheless. Greg Puciato, meanwhile has joined forces with Max Cavalera and his super group, KILLER BE KILLED. It is a fitting adios to this talented band and one hopes to see them spring up in places least expected.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Limerent Death
2. Symptoms Of Terminal Illness
3. Wanting Not So Much To As To
4. Fugue
5. Low Feels Blvd
6. Surrogate
7. Honeysuckle
8. Manufacturing discontent
9. Apologies Not Included
10. Nothing To Forget
11. Dissociation
Greg Puciato - Vocals
Ben Weinman - Guitars
Billy Rymer - Drums
Kevin Antreassian - Guitars
Liam Wilson - Bass
Record Label: Party Smasher Inc.


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