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The Downspiral to Hell - The Canvas of Confusion

The Downspiral to Hell
The Canvas of Confusion
by Leanne "Metal Maiden" Evans at 23 October 2021, 3:39 AM

From its genesis, THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL have sought to explore sound in the most perverse fashion, opting to deliver haunting soundscapes of the most brutal of death metal, melded with black, industrial and the harshest of noise, to create a stunning alternative of their own beauteous concoction. The Spanish duet perfect the unsettled and discomfited in tone, sadistically seething in their fourth release, “The Canvas of Confusion”, containing eight complex and intense tracks of the audially maimed.

The album’s opener, “Rotten” is an introduction of agitating splendour, greeting us with a fusion of shrill-pitched screeches that dull into a robust rasp, creating a scourge of sound that merges into the visceral purging of “Decadence Yearning”. Unafraid to venture into equally splendid and sadistic territories, THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL effortlessly manipulate the darkest nuances, wandering into more melodic output in the rhythmic riffs of the synth-laden cut “Icon of Brutality”, purging the perverse, opting for something vocally cleaner on the palate, whilst still retaining everything ounce of unnerve you could desire. THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL make clever use of programmed drums and bass, creatively emulating the real deal, yet perfect their own interpretation and output, giving a very authentic, multi-dimensional aspect to the tone.

Showcasing their ability to challenge boundaries, THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL deliver the cleanest cut in this melee of decomposing, inspired madness in the form of “The Wandering Sailor”, infused with industrial elements that penetrate, awash with melodic riffs, amongst a saturation of carefully crafted noise aspects. The duo really knows how to create the atmospheric, the overt pleasure of “Angst” thrust in your face with its raging brutality that simply blisters, a welcome contrast to the previous placid cut. The use of a myriad of nuances creates a track of bestial measure, blackened elements vocally pouring through, the perfectly timed drums enshrouding the track, bubbling through, yet this is a cut that wields a heavy ass axe and powers through you. The same can be said for “An Absence of Symmetry”, pummelling from the outset with an affliction of pelting drum blasts, insidious vocals and unsettling riffs, making for something both discombobulating and pleasurable, vicious and visceral.

The gargantuan, all-consuming “Devouring Obscurity” swallows you up whole from the doom feeling intro right through to the blackened death ending, with vocal purges to delight, muscular riffs that flay and sonics that dredge right from the pit of the stomach to the surface of your soul. This same depth can be felt in “Grief”, commencing as a lulling, sombre, yet enticing piece, sensual, yet harmful, impaling, yet soothing; THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL really nail the atmospheric for all your listening pleasure. Throughout “The Canvas of Confusion”, the chaotic and cataclysmic aspects of death, black and grind are all expertly infused, THE DOWNSPIRAL TO HELL perfectly combine the rottenest facets of abyssal sonic trudges and produce the finest example of the most exquisite of experimental versatility in “The Canvas of Confusion”.

Songwriting:   8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:     8

4 Star Rating

1. Rotten
2. Decadence Yearning
3. Icon of Brutality
4. The Wandering Sailor
5. Angst
6. An Absence of Symmetry
7. Devouring Obscurity
8. Grief
Jose L. Miranda – Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Programming
Antonio Miranda – Vocals, Synthesizers and Programming
Record Label: Necrotic Records


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