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The End Of Rosalina - Black Smoke Award winner

The End Of Rosalina
Black Smoke
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 01 March 2017, 7:27 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: THE END OF ROSALINA; signed via Mighty Music, hailing from Danish grounds…performing Rock - on their debut album entitled “Black Smoke”. (Released in October 2016)

Since formation in 2013; the quintet in question finally release their debut album “Black Smoke”. What we have here is an intricately designed quartet who emphasize at a dynamic rocking experience; unprecedented instrumentation comprises THE END OF ROSALINA, formulating enticing musicianship of proficient intentions and delivers elegant flair with an enjoyable sense in their contributions to the Rock formulaic. We open with the titular track “Black Smoke” that while I went in with low expectations; I was hard-pressed into finding myself enjoying a nice, solid slab of some prominent song-writing that's both exquisite and well-produced in the making. Jakob on lead vocals/rhythm guitar showcases a clean distinctive in his vocal range that matches the atmospheric mood that is implemented here. Surprisingly enough, the complexity embossed in the sound production here is how Rock music should sound like… hands down.

Consisting of 11 highly detailed tracks defining rock clarity; “No Suit Is Suitable” continues the album with unique characteristics at disposal, groovy punch line Rock balanced with a pleasant atmosphere is not only fulfilling - it is all round entertaining by this fantastic 4. “Fixed By Her” elements at a similar exert, surprising me more with a pleasurable sound production…incorporating enticing song writing that's both memorable and original to boot. Michael on lead guitar and backing vocals introduces complex, dexterous riffs of melodic precision while harmonizing with intricacy on the backing vocals brilliantly. “Octopus” is where things get interesting for me; as the Hard Rock riffery comes in with full force, and uncompromisingly balances unparalleled dexterity efficiently and excitingly. The powerhouse of Simon on drums and percussion & Steffan on bass and backing vocals contribute sufficiently with an organic aesthetic to substance as well.

Together We Interact”, “Settling Down” & “Seven O” had me continuously enjoying this valiantly consistent rocker to the fullest; I must say, that the instrumentation gets a helluva lot heavier around this portion of the album. Some of the most grooviest riffs filled with a clean atmosphere profusely delivers stunning accredits that for a extreme Metal purist; had me shocked at the sheer quality THE END OF ROSALINA have created. “Tiny Black Dress”, “Testosterone” & “Rosalina” continue this classy record with divine motives in delivering accurate enlightenments in which will either have you pleasantly pleased with the round up, or headbanging diligently. Concluding “Black Smoke” with the final track “Dear Johnny” …overall; I'm compelled to say that the band showcased a spectacular creation that for this happy thrasher, can't help but merit them for this awe-inspiring product.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Smoke
2. No Suit Is Suitable
3. Fixed By Her
4. Octopus
5. Together We Interact
6. Settling Down
7. Seven O
8. Tiny Black Dress
9. Testosterone
10. Rosalina
11. Dear Johnny
Simon Edwardsen - Drums, Percussion
Michael Knudsen - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocal
Steffan Ravn Edwardsen - Bass, Backing, Vocal
Jakob Riis: Forsanger - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Mighty Music


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