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The Exploding Eyes Orchestra - I

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 August 2015, 3:44 AM

Actually, there's a great trend into Metal/Rock scene worldwide: the search for the past. The greater part of the bands are trying to sound as those masters from the 80s. But in the other hand, we have some going further into the past, searching for the same sonority from bands from the end of 60s/start of the 70s. And in both cases, I must say that the result is just a clone without soul, a band that has nothing to say. But there are cases. But attaining our ideas to those one who try to sound like a 60s/70s, there are fine cases, as THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, and now, from Kuopio (Finland), another good name: THE EXPLODING EYES ORCHESTRA, with their first album, "I".

The first impression I had when the album begins to play is that I was hearing a band from the past, with musical influences rooted on BLACK SABBATH, JANIS
, something from CREAM, but with a more bluesy orientated sound. And besides the band is not presenting something really new, it does not sound moldy or dated. No, there's a very good amount of energy and personality on their musical work. In terms of sound quality, it's organic and a bit "smoky", like the works we hear from those times. It seems a lot that they record this album with analogue equipments, because the sound is really organic. But the quality is very good for understanding what the band is doing.

Their biography says that this band is composed of five of seven members from JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES, a Psychedelic Rock band. And in this work, you'll find songs from this style, but heavier and more abrasive sometimes. Some great moments from "I": "Crazy Heart" and it's tender and heavy tempos, keeping a good and melodic insight, presenting great guitar work and vocals; the purely Bluesy/Rock'n'Roll "My Father The Wolf" and its catching organs presence and another fine work from vocals; the abrasive "Two-Zero 13", presenting a more distorted and oiled sonority, and on this song, the bass guitar and drums are doing a fine work; and the introspective and deep "Farewell to All-In-One".

A fine work indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. The Smoke
2. Crazy Heart
3. My Father The Wolf
4. Drawing Down The West
5. Two-Zero 13
6. Black Hound
7. Farewell To All-In-One
Record Label: Svart Records


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