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The Fallen Within - The Day You Died Inside Award winner

The Fallen Within
The Day You Died Inside
by Vasilis Odontidis at 15 October 2012, 10:35 PM

It comes with great surprise and joy when I listen to a song or a record while having no idea about the band and enjoying the hell out of it. Eventually I found out that this band comes from my very own country. Hell yes, I am really excited about this record and I was more than happy when I found that THE FALLEN WITHIN come from Greece. It is my constant belief that despite all the crisis and the bad things happening the Greek Metal scene is getting stronger and stronger through the years and THE FALLEN WITHIN and “The Day You Died Inside” is no exception.

But I will put aside all that stuff and I will focus on this record for the time being. All the songs of the record are very common in their style which is Metalcore in the face, with killer riffs, tremendous groove, brutal and melodic vocals and lots of electronic passages. To make it more specific imagine AS I LAY DYING songs with lots of electro elements. All the songs range between three and five minutes and as I said before they are very similar in style having one and only purpose. Endless headbanging. The speed never goes down the guitars are alternating with the synths and growls are contrasting clean vocals producing a terrific combination. My favorites are “Eyes On Fire”, “How Do I Rise From The Dead?” and “The Saint And The Sinner”.

Compared to their first album the band appears much more mature and wise filtering better their influences and takes the “risk” of using extensive use of electronic sounds. The recordings of the record took place in the Devasoundz Studios and Sound Symmetry Studios in Athens and the mixing and mastering in Lambesis Studio in California, so as expected the production of the record is of the highest standards and every instrument, loop and vocal fits perfectly in these Metal soundscapes. Metalcore might not be the most attractive kind of metal (especially to the traditional fans) plus it has so many electronic elements so objectively this is “love it or hate it” record. Personally I liked this one because the songs have the proper portions of aggressiveness, brutality, groove and melody plus once it grabs in the beginning you can’t escape until the end of the record.

4 Star Rating

1. Eyes on fire
2. You’re Disfigured, I’m Proud
3. How Do I Rise From The Dead?
4. Everybody Run
5. Still Tearing Me Apart
6. The Saint And The SInner
7. J.D.S. (Jeffrey Dahmer Style)
8. Untie The Rope
9. Crawling Down the Hallway
Steve Al.- All Vocals, Lyrics
Gios S..- Guitars, Music Composer
Bill B.- Guitars
Enre M.- Bass
Alex K.- Drums
Andrew G.- Synths, Dj & electro-dub mix
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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