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The Final Resistance - A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity

The Final Resistance
A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 21 March 2013, 4:06 PM

This album is tribute to the Swedish DARK TRANQUILLITY. Within the list there are fifteen featured local Swedish and international bands who have reflected with respect and professionalism fifteen of the best songs of the known Swedish giant.

I liked opening cover of “Edenspring” by SERENITY IN MURDER. It starts with equable keys right before the coming storm with blasting drums and undisputed riffing and growl vocals, a great headbanger. SURU made a wonderful tribute to “Therein” with ample riffing from far beyond, melodic chorus with mixed vocals, a fine brutality wrapped in silk. “The Wonders At Your Feet”, covered by DAWN OF TEARS, will be liked surely for all followers melodic Death Metal, even CHILDREN OF BODOM fans, you have to check out the excellent sound and the amazing guitar solo. SKYDANCER made it quite energetic with their performance on “The Treason Wall”, where melodic riffs mixed with brute Death Metal inspired with awesome growls, pretty touchy. I like very much band “Ex- Nihilo”, covered by ERLING SOLEM, provided with heavier riffs meeting cagy keyboards overhead by Hard Rock type guitars. This version created a very nice atmosphere, a bit softer than the original, a perfectly played instrumental track with clear drums and bass. MIND HOLOCAUST's cover of “The New Build” is a mere wild animal of Death Metal. There is an aura of early IN FLAMES channeled through FALLEN SENTINEL's version of “Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)”. It is a somewhat mixed flavoured with a fine touch of feminine singing. The rising THE AGONIST took on “Monochromatic Stains”, showing a pulp hell ride, great riffs, power and awesome fiendish screaming a'la IN FLAMES along with a fine sound of guitars. SLAUGHTER OF THE BLUEGRASS recorded an out of the box version of the song “Punish My Heaven”, pretty original and well produced. However, the worthiest track is APOTHEUS's version of "Misery's Crown" with catchiness, vibrant sounds & soother atmosphere with mammoth sounds, plenty of melodies on both verses and choruses. The soloing along with the overall aura of the song reminded me of CREMATORY.

All bands did a wonderful job paying tribute to the old giant, whtehr closer to the originals or peforming creative version. This album can be a nice unique in collection of fans DARK TRANQUILLITY. 

3 Star Rating

1. Serenity In Murder - Edenspring
2. Darkness By Oath - Dreamlore Degenerate
3. Suru - Therein
4. Dawn Of Tears - The Wonders At Your Feet
5. The Descent - Final Resistance
6. Skydancer - The Treason Wall
7. Erling Solem - Ex- Nihilo
8. Mind Holocaust - The New Build
9. Agónica - Nothing To No One
10. Fallen Sentinel - Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
11. Apotheus - Misery´s Crown
12. Shadowsphere - Focus Shift
13. Thee Orakle - Dream Oblivion
14. The Agonist - Monochromatic Stains
15. Slaughter Of The Bluegrass - Punish My Heaven
Various Artists
Record Label: Suspiria Records


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