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The Five Hundred - A World On Fire Award winner

The Five Hundred
A World On Fire
by Andrew Harvey at 05 September 2021, 11:37 AM

Well if you’re a huge fan of real hardcore or as it’s referred to as metalcore sound which has certainly made the mark on modern metal scene of the 21st Century. Well then look no further than this quintet from the city of Nottingham, UK, they call themselves THE FIVE HUNDRED. Following on from their debut album titled BLEED RED back in 2018, they are now ready to show their next move in the form of their second album, A WORLD ON FIRE.

In terms of the approach to this new release, it was said that “the album focuses on a morbid theme of environmental devastation, rising sea levels, climate disaster and the ensuing loss of entire ecosystems, cities and human lives”. Kicking it all off is “Black Dogs” is literally the ascension onto higher ground and unleashing the wrath & fury of that true metalcore sound. The balance and contrast of feisty, technical elements in the guitar & drums. It’s a quick intro and sneak peek as to what comes next.

“The Rising Tide” follows in similar footsteps with that crescendo of full band after a melodic guitar intro. There is focus on rhythm & vocals being let out like a bewildered beast of the hardcore sound. There are spots of thrash and groove metal too with sizzling guitar hooks. “Our Demise” propels the sound into a much darker, heavier and fulfilling area of the sound field. There are also hints of djent which has also been well recognized as a subgenre of progressive metal with bands like TESSERACT, PERIPHERY and EVERYTHING UNFOLDS.
The inclusion of choral chants joining the various sections of this metropolis of metalcore. “The Warmth” cranks up the volume and crashes inwards like a wave of technical metal bliss. The shake and earth-shattering of bass & lower frequencies is almost unparalleled. The melodic guitar sneaks in again on some sort of loop before a storm of hardcore and thrash metal ensues. “Walls Of Jericho” really stands out as it features a guest appearance by ANDREAS BJULVER of the band, CABAL. It’s certainly a worthy contribution and perhaps distinctive in rhythm, tone and texture escalating. The track is literally a wall of sound reinforced by solid bass work and mind blowing guitar playing.

“Your Apocalypse” also like the previous track inspires and we are honoured to have another glittering guest appearance of JEREMY GOMEZ. He is a member of an upcoming band, RED METHOD and this track is like the second part to the previous track. This track certainly helps the momentum going and doesn’t disappoint us. Going into the next two tracks, there really is no sign of stopping, this well portrayed in “With Scars” with well synchronized guitar & drum parts.

Even the interlude like a drone sound, to the vocal harmonies signalling hardcore before ending with piano solo alone. “Our Curse” focuses/emphasises on punchy drums, aggressive vocals as before and guitar hooks showing assertiveness. “Agony” comes with a more percussive approach but still remains rebellious and raging like a bull who sees red before charging. There are also feelings of nasty yet cruel misdemeanours in this penultimate track. This sustains to lead into the final track sharing the title of this iconic album, “A World On Fire”.

It has packed a punch with filtered guitar and sound effects accompanied with much cleaner vocals. But the guitar & drums combined strike at the heart of what this album represents. It’s glorious purpose has succeeded and we leave with the guitar closing this album out. This album is just sublime to listen to perhaps a big contender in the metalcore genre and a band to be reckoned with. A remarkable album and I look forward to this band’s next release!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Black Dogs
2. The Rising Tide
3. Our Demise
4. The Warmth
5. Walls Of Jericho(feat. Andreas Bjulver)
6. Your Apocalypse(feat. Jeremy Gomez)
7. With Scars
8. Our Curse
9. Agony
10. A World On Fire
John Woods-Eley - Vocals
Mark Byrne - Guitars
Paul Doughty - Guitars
Andy Crawford - Bass
Kelsey James - Drums
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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Edited 24 September 2021

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