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The Flesh Trading Company - Franconian Witchcraft Award winner

The Flesh Trading Company
Franconian Witchcraft
by Neil Cook at 09 March 2020, 4:50 PM

THE FLESH TRADING COMPANY, apart from being a cool band name, are a 5-piece Thrash/Death/Heavy Metal Band from Hassfurt, Unterfranken, Germany. Formed in 2011, this is their 4th release.  The six songs on this EP are about witchcraft, persecution, fire and hate.  And one song about the music that runs through their veins HEAVY METAL!

All of which is appropriate. "Franconian Witchcraft" takes its name from the province in Germany where hundreds of people were tried and executed as witches in the 1600’s. The songs on the EP reflect the history in the only way Heavy music can.

Witches Sabbath” starts with the cry of “Witches, witches, witches!” before launching into a battering ram of guitars, bass and drums. Full of Lovecaftian lyrics growled with passion and blistering guitar solos.

Salem” I suppose draws a thematic parallel with the Salem Witch trials in the U.S. and what happened in Franconian Switzerland.  It doesn’t hurt it is as catchy and melodic as these guys are going to get, if all history lessons were this good, I would have learned more for sure at school.

Sculptor Of Lies” is a fast paced, straight ahead, neck straining, head banging thump of heavy old school Thrash Metal.

Raise your fists, bang your heads, we are all “Metal Manics”.  All Metal bands should have a mission statement song like this in the cannon, heck some bands have made a career of it! It is in all our bloods, we should all stand and fight, as we are all Metal manics, stand up and be counted you muthas!

Another schlock horror spoken intro leads into “Black Spell Conspiracy,” another break-neck,but melodic Metal song.

More atmospheric horror film words launch into the last track, “Into the Fire”. Lyrically the song is about the trials and execution by fire of the women accused of being witches.  Musically the song is the most melodic in passages on the EP.  And the vocal delivery show the most range that can be gleaned from a death growl.

None of the songs on this EP outstay their welcome, there is no flab.  The band are tight.  The vocal are nasty (in the right way) and suit the style.  All the cod horror touches are cheesy, but work in this context, we are listening to a damn good B-movie horror flick, the sort where Vincent Price would be the witchfinder general, having a far too beautiful raven-haired woman, accused of being a witch burnt at the stake, only to be rescued by either the rugged priest, or by the real witches flying in on their broomsticks, making sure the evil general meets a gruesome end!

No?  just me then!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9
Overall: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Witches Sabbath
2. Salem
3. Sculptor Of Lies
4. Metal Maniacs
5. Black Spell Conspiracy
6. Into The Fire
Patrick Gajda – Lead Vocals
Michael Guerra – Guitar, Backing Vocal
Michael Lorz – Guitar, Backing Vocal
Jochen Lukoschek – Bass
Daniel Wildanger – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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