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The Flight Of Sleipnir – V Award winner

The Flight Of Sleipnir
by Jess at 03 December 2014, 4:57 PM

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR, where Doom and Melodic Death Metal meet, was created in 2005 in the US. The record members consist of only two permanent members, but there is a full five piece for live shows. The intention of THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR is to create “a musical interpretation of the writings of poets long since gone.” The band wants to explore ethereal and progressive sounds coming from literature of ancient Scandinavia. Those ethereal and progressive sounds are how Doom Metal meets Melodic Death Metal to create an intense and different type of metal.

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR is back with their latest album “V” released on November 28, 2014. The album comes in at just seven tracks but it has a listening time of about 59 minutes. “Headwinds” starts the album out, with a sort of classic rock slow song intro that becomes more of a Melo Death Metal sound with the addition of the drums and bass. At about three minutes in the music becomes more aggressive, but still keeps the same tone. The vocals remind me of something SUMMONING would produce; out of this world growls.

The transition from “Headwinds” to track two “Sidereal Course” is unnoticeable, but the music changes. It is incredible the amount of melody in this track. The guitar riffs and solos are wondrously played and partners well with the ethereal sound of the vocals. The bass and drum lines are perfect. Not too strong, but you know they are there.

Track four, “Nothing Stands Obscured” is one that has a very Atmospheric and Progressive feel to it. The first set of vocals are clean and are the perfect complement to the growled vocals that come in later, then alternate for the remainder of the track. The keys are brilliant. They are simple and match well with the harder bass line throughout.

The final track “Beacon in Black Horizon” sets a Doom filled tone, but has incredible melody thanks to the guitars. The bass line gets the lime light in this track because of the darkness the track entails, it works beautifully. This track is a master piece and coming in at almost eleven minutes and thirty seconds, it was made as one. There is plenty of melody for those who enjoy the more melodious bands as well as an abundance of otherworldly, atmospheric pleasure for those who enjoy that.

V” is an incredible album created by two very creative artists and musicians. There is more art in this album than most albums will ever see. THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR has done an amazing job on this album; I can’t wait to hear what else they will create. The balance of Atmospheric Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, and Melodic Death Metal is incomparable. These guys have nailed it. It’s got an interesting sound and it is dark, but it has melody and intricate musicianship with additional folk undertones. Much of “V” has a similar sound to SUMMONING, so if you like them give this a listen. This album is incredibly done.

5 Star Rating

1. Headwinds
2. Sidereal Course
3. The Casting
4. Nothing Stands Obscured
5. Gullveig
6. Archaic Rites
7. Beason in Black Horizon
Clayton Cushman – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, and Keys
David Csicsely – Drums, Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Napalm Records


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